Superhighway with submarine fibre optic cable extended

13th November 2018
Lanna Cooper

Indonesia’s government has made a commitment to ensure telecommunications and broadband access for the country’s fast growing population of 267 million people. In line with this vision, Moratelindo continues to develop the nationwide fibre optic network with the construction of the Jayabaya high speed submarine cable system for Java Island, with Nexans supplying a total of 915km of fibre optic cables for this project.

The Jayabaya cable will provide a fibre optic link between Jakarta, Indonesia’s capital and largest city, and Surabaya, the capital of the East Java province on Java Island. The link will comprise three submarine segments: Jakarta to Cirebon; Cirebon to Semarang; Semarang to Surabaya.

The fibre optic cable is based on Nexans’ 24-core unrepeatered (URC-1) design. Near the shore, at water-depths below 20 metres, it will feature a Double-Armored (DA) construction for extra protection against damage from shipping and fishing activities. For depths between 20-200 metres a Single-Armored (SA) fibre optic cable will be deployed.

“In today’s hyperconnected world, reliable communications and broadband services are a vital element for the socio-economic development of any country,” said Hans-Martin Norstrøm, Sales Manager for Nexans' Submarine Telecom and Special Cables (STSC) division.

“By delivering the Jayabaya fiber optic link, Nexans is very happy to contribute to a further extension of Indonesia’s information superhighway, bridging the digital divide for the local communities scattered across the Indonesian archipelago.”

The Jayabaya cable was manufactured at Nexans Norway’s facility in Rognan. The installation of the cable is on-going and is expected to be completed by the end of November 2018.

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