RoHS Arinc 600 introduced by Radiall

8th July 2013
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The RoHS Arinc 600 connector has been unveiled by Radiall. Military and aerospace markets were part of the exemptions listed when the European RoHS directive was enforced in 2006. Nevertheless, Radiall maintained a strong commitment to its customers and the environment by implementing RoHS initiatives within its R&D. The need for RoHS products are consistently being met by Radiall.
While maintaining the same performance, Radiall have designed a product formerly using Alodine and made it RoHS compliant. The main objectives for Radiall included:

•Finding a RoHS chromatation while maintaining Arinc 600 performance

•Ensuring compatibility with existing Alodine connectors in avionic bays

•Offering the most cost effective solution to our customers

This process lead Radiall to a distinctive solution named Surtec 650V that is QPL qualified per MIL-DTL-81706B type II, class 3. This standard specifies chemical conversion on aluminum alloy. Surtec 650V is free of hexavalent chromium which is part of the substances banned by RoHS directive. This solution also provides a unique colorful layer which helps identifying RoHS and non RoHS connectors on the same production line.

The industrial process has been entirely defined and validated by Radiall as the RoHS has complete control over the products in mass production. This high quality approach allowed Radiall to be the first manufacturer to fully qualify RoHS models according to the Arinc 600 standard.

The new RoHS Arinc 600 is further proof of Radiall’s commitment to the environment and its customers. With the addition of the RoHS Arinc 600 connector, seven out of nine multipin series are fully compliant with RoHS requirements.

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