RF connectors offer performance in micro-miniature designs

27th May 2015
Jordan Mulcare

Amphenol RF introduces its ultra-miniature Amphenol Micro Miniature Coaxial (AMMC) PCB connector suitable for space-constrained RF applications with 50Ω impedance requirements. These connectors are fully compatible with the Hirose W.FL and IPEX MHF III series. The connectors are low profile, 1.4mm off the board, mated, with a small footprint of 2x2mm.

These connectors feature high frequency broadband performance up to 6GHz and easy snap on/off mating. The connectors are designed to be surface mounted, which allows for higher PC board densities.

Amphenol RF also offers a full AMMC product portfolio which includes AMMC cable jumpers and AMMC to SMA coaxial adapters. The jumpers offer an AMMC right angle plug to AMMC right angle plug on industry standard black 0.81 and 1.13mm micro-coaxial cable.

Furthermore, Amphenol RF has extended the AMC product line to include AMC jumpers with 0.81mm micro-coaxial cable and RG-178 cable configurations. Similar to the AMMC, The AMC connector series is a low profile, 2.5mm of the board, mated, series with a small board footprint of 3x3mm.

The light weight, compact designs make AMMC and AMC interconnects optimal for Wireless, WLAN, Bluetooth and GPS applications. They meet the high frequency transmission requirements of mobile phones, notebook computers and tablets. Due to their ability to maintain superior signal integrity, AMMC and AMC connectors are also popularly used for antenna connections and cellular communications.

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