IP range protects from harsh environmental variables

22nd December 2014
Barney Scott

Adding IP65/66-rated chokes, braking resistors and EMC filters to its REOunity range, for handling aggressive environments and severe climate conditions, REO has launched its highest ingress protection equipment to date. The REOunity concept allows companies to source all the components in and around the frequency converter from a single source.

The design of the range allows external mounting outside the inverter, without the need for additional enclosures. Using high IP rated products also means lower costs, because it eliminates the necessity of an expensive control cabinet.

The IP65 and IP66 equipment is extremely robust and offers complete protection from dust, liquid and slurries, a modular design allowing different connection options. REO’s EMC filters with IP66 ratings also provide protection against corrosion and salt water.

In sectors such as offshore, railway or energy, electrical equipment is often required to work safely for many years under extremely difficult conditions. This means machinery often comes into contact with destructive substances, like fuels, vapours and bases, and must be able to withstand humidity, water spray and salt air.

REO’s high IP solutions are user-friendly and extremely easy to install, suitable for a variety of applications that use variable speed drives, including pumps, fans, conveyors, cranes, hoists, compressors and lifts.

REO also develops customised applications from the simulation model stage to the mature end product. All REO products adhere to international certifications and standards and come with the required documentation and testing.

“The degrees of equipment protection against the intrusion of dust, accidental contact and water in mechanical casings and electrical enclosures, is measured using an IP rating,” explained Steve Hughes, Managing Director, REO UK. “IP65 and IP66 rated devices can be used in particularly aggressive environments, outside of control cabinets, because they are perfectly protected against dust and water jets.”

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