Infineon launches an electronically marked cable assembly

28th September 2023
Harry Fowle

Infineon has launched an electronically marked cable assembly with EPR supporting protection up to 54 V for passive USB-C cables.

The rapid industrial adoption of USB-C is owed to its slim design, user-friendly and universal connectors, and versatility in handling multiple data protocols, such as USB4, Thunderbolt, and HDMI. Additionally, USB-C can deliver up to 240 W of power making it the power connector of choice for a wide variety of applications. To meet the rising demand for reliable end-to-end power delivery and data transfer capabilities for modern mobile devices, Infineon is introducing EZ-PD CMG2, a USB-C Electronically-Marked Cable Assembly (EMCA) controller with enhanced features. The controller is designed to deliver robust USB-C Power Delivery (PD) solutions for applications such as Extended Power Range (EPR) USB-C, USB4, and Thunderbolt passive cables.

Infineon’s EZ-PD portfolio of USB-C PD controllers is the industry’s most comprehensive range of USB-C power delivery solutions. The EZ-PD CMG2 (Cable Marker Generation 2) is a dedicated EMCA controller designed for passive non-Thunderbolt and Thunderbolt Type-C cables and supports USB-PD 3.1 and Type-C 2.1 standards. EZ-PD CMG2-based USB-C EMCA cables can handle USB4 and TBT4 data rates and up to 240 W (48 V/5 A) of power. EZ-PD CMG2 provides integrated V BUS-to-CC short circuit protection up to 54 V and V BUS-to-V CONN short circuit protection up to 54 V. Additionally, it supports R A weakening to reduce power consumption and integrates an oscillator and IEC ESD (electrostatic discharge) protection, eliminating the need for external clock and external ESD, respectively.

The new controller comes with a configurable 47-byte storage space for vendor- and cable-specific configuration data and operates within a 2.7 to 5.5 V V CONN supply range. The integrated high-voltage protection of up to 54 V on CC, V CONN1, and V CONN2 pins safeguards against accidental shorts to the high-voltage V BUS pin on the Type-C connector, providing enhanced user safety. Additionally, its industrial temperature range of -40°C to +85°C and system-level ESD protection on CC, V CONN1, and V CONN2 pins ensure reliability and durability under challenging conditions.

The EZ-PD CMG2 controller ensures seamless compatibility with various USB-C devices and cables. It offers a single-chip solution measuring only 3.3 mm², simplifying designs and reducing development time. Its high system reliability and compatibility result in cost-effective and easy-to-design products with a smaller board footprint for manufacturers.

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