High density and lightweight signal data connectors

16th May 2007
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Hypertac has announced the introduction of its HMD range of high density, lightweight signal data specifically designed for applications where weight and space are at a premium. The HMD series is suitable for PCB and cable mounted terminations for signals of up to 4A. They offer total environmental protection to moisture and provide superior salt fog resistance.
The HMD series is aimed at avionics applications such as communications, displays, In-flight entertainment, monitoring and control systems installed on military and civil (fixed and rotary wing), as well as UAV’s and spacecraft electronics. The Hypertac connectors may also be used in a variety of other applications such as mass-transit, marine, industrial, test & measurement equipment, missiles, auto-sport, and all other industries where weight and space savings are critical.

The Hypertac HMD series is available for both cable-to-cable or PCB-to-cable type connections, and provides a plastic insulator with stainless steel hardware, that are fully sealed. A potted backshell protects the cable terminations and a shrouded insulator prevents the pins from being accidentally damaged. The PCB type terminations are also sealed thus eliminating the need for masking if a conformal coating is used.

Based on the company’s proven Hyperboloid contact technology, these connectors are resistant to shock and vibration and eliminate fretting, providing reduced wear rates which assist in avoiding system failure and down-time.

Available in 5, 9, 15, 21, 25, 31, 37 and 51 way options with 0.60mm diameter contacts and Hyperboloid sockets the HMD Series also features integral polarising, environmental sealing and jackscrew mating devices.

The Hypertac HMD series is suitable for use as a Micro-D replacement. The HMD PCB connectors have been designed to fit into the same hole / pin pattern as that of a standard Micro-D connectors, and utilise the same overall space / footprint.

The Hypertac HMD series is available on short lead-times.

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