New Integrated Triax HD Pro+ Broadcast Solution By Fischer Connectors and Draka Pushes The Limits Of Triax HD Camera Equipment

14th September 2010
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Fischer Connectors and Draka Communications, two main players in the broadcast industry have worked in close partnership to develop an integrated leading-edge solution for HD Triax cameras. With its 1051 Triax, Fischer Connectors has set the standards for both studio and outside broadcasting. This connector is respected and trusted for SD and HD cameras. Draka is a leading provider of professional broadcast and studio cables. Draka broadcast solutions have delivered levels of technical excellence that have proven themselves in practice under the most demanding conditions. Both companies share the same passion for quality, sustainable performance and excellence. They continue to evolve their products for easy adaptation to today’s broadcasting needs.
The result of this partnership is the new Triax HD Pro+ Broadcast Solution with minimum 30% longer transmission distance that pushes the limits of HD camera equipment! This integrated cable and connector solution are designed for indoor and outdoor applications and show excellent results at 1’100 m transmission distance using an LDK8000 camera. The new cable offers the transmission distance performance of a Triax 14 cable with the user-friendliness of a Triax 11 cable. It is lightweight, highly flexible, and easy to wind and store. With the Triax HD Pro+ Broadcast Solution you can maximize the performance of your Triax equipment without the additional initial investment in fiber and subsequent operating costs.

Triax 11 HD Pro+ camera cable is optimized for broadcast applications under extreme conditions. It connects camera and CCU and offers an optimum transmission quality based on low attenuation, lowest DC resistance (even long distance), a long life span and a minimal weight. The cable is designed with a universal jacket that is flame retardant and corrosion-free and suitable for in-house and outdoor applications.

The new 1051 Triax HD Pro+TM connector offers improved RF performance, as well as fast and easy cable assembly. Its high-strength tolerance, rugged and waterproof design assures reliable transmission between camera and control unit in studios or broadcast vehicles, where long cable lengths are used under extreme weather conditions. It is maintenance friendly and easy to clean, which is highly appreciated in the field.

The new Triax HD Pro+ Broadcast Solution has been tested and approved by leading international video equipment manufacturers and broadcasting companies. “With the new excellent Triax HD Pro+ Broadcast Solution, both Draka and Fischer Connectors have realized a future-oriented cable concept that exceeds our expectations. The unbeatable transmission distance of the new Triax 11 HD Pro+ solution is close to the performance level of a Triax 14 cable” says Gregor Mucha, MMG, Germany.

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