DSEI 2019: Connector platform delivers SWaP benefits

10th September 2019
Mick Elliott

Nine range extensions of the plug & use Fischer Freedom technology platform were given a worldwide premiere by Fischer Connectors on the opening day at DSEI 2019 in London (September 10-13).

These new solutions are an innovation enabler in connectivity, particularly in terms of size, weight and power (SWaP) requirements, cable management optimisation and wearable technology, for the Dismounted Soldier Modernisation Programme and in line with the Generic Soldier Architecture (GSA).

With the range extensions, along with live demos on its stand at DSEI, Fischer Connectors is deomnstrating how Fischer Freedom serves as a technology platform setting new standards in usability, integrability and versatility for Dismounted Soldier, Ground, Aerospace and Marine applications.

Mark Richards, Fischer Connectors UK’s Managing Director told Electronic Specifier: “Since the Fischer Freedom Series was launched over a year ago, we’ve seen immense interest from design engineers active in a large variety of markets and applications. This confirms that our new solution, which has, from the outset, been developed in partnership with a customer in the Defence & Security industry – discussions that started during a previous edition of DSEI – has hit the nail on the head in terms of developing a product that meets our customers’ requirements so perfectly. And particularly within the framework of the Soldier Modernisation Programme, where the plug & use connectivity solutions we are introducing to the market maximise the efficiency, usability and performance of military devices and electronic ecosystems, facilitate integration and optimise cable management.”

The new features, new configurations, new materials and new active devices using the Fischer LP360™ technological innovations, i.e. 3600 mating freedom and unique combination of sealed, blind-mate and non-magnetic quick-release locking mechanism, are as follows:

- in size 14 with 7 signal & power contacts (cf. Fischer LP360™ connector in metal launched in June 2018): cabled receptacle and panel plug o new active devices: Rugged Flash Drive, USB 2.0 adaptor and LED - in size 08 with 4 signal & power contacts (new material, new contact configuration & size): o LP360 connector in plastic (high-end composite based on PEEK): cabled plug and panel receptacle o LP360 connector in metal: panel plug and panel receptacle

The patent-pending technological innovations of the Fischer Freedom Series stem from a custom project initiated during a previous edition of DSEI.

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