Thermally conductive, low-cost, film-based electronic insulator

2nd March 2006
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Laird Technologies Thermal Product business unit (formerly known as Thermagon) has introduced its T-gard™ 5000—a thermally conductive, low-cost, film-based electronic insulator for switching-mode power supply (SMPS) devices used in telecommunication and computer networking products.
Based on Laird's expertise in high-volume manufacturing, T-gard 5000 offers SMPS manufacturers a solution that is both superior to fiberglass insulation in dielectric strength and consistency as well as less expensive than competing film-based products.

Thermally conductive insulators used on discrete electronic power components require a material that is able to both insulate electrically and conduct heat at the same time. Moreover, the material must provide mounting stability during SMPS manufacturing and assembly to prevent cut-through damage, which leads to electrical shorts.

“We saw the need for a lower-cost alternative to the insulators used in the 800-plus watt networking system power supplies, so we developed an insulator with exceptional thermal performance and dielectric strength,” noted Robert Kranz, global product manager for Laird Technologies Thermal Products. “We believe our polyimide film-based solution is a far superior alternative to traditional fiberglass-based insulators.”

T-gard 5000 is a ceramic-filled silicone conformal coating on a high-temperature polyimide film, providing higher electronic insulating and thermal conductivity qualities than fiberglass-based insulators. This more flexible film-based insulator, while thinner and less expensive than fiberglass, offers superior cut-through resistance.

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