New "deep drawn" production technique provides versatile shielding solutions

4th March 2006
ES Admin
Laird Technologies has introduced a new solution for emi shielding applications, such as handheld devices, that require significant structural strength, multiple shielding compartments and the highest level of isolation in a cost-effective manner.
The introduction of Deep Drawing technology provides additional choices for the device designer and combines the strength of thin gauge metallic structural members with the benefits of precision progressive metal. Moreover, metal components within the Deep Drawn technology can be custom tailored to the aesthetic surfaces found in a handheld device to provide a high level of packaging efficiency. In many cases, the technology is used to consolidate components resulting in significant overall cost savings.

“In addition to this new precision deep-drawn component capability, Laird Technologies now can join this technology with conductive or nonconductive over-moulded products,” said Rick Rothenberger, vice president, Engineering and Technology, Laird Technologies. “This combination results in components that serve multiple functions such as EMI shielding and environmental sealing.”

Deep-drawn components also can be combined with thermal interface materials to create multi-functional heat removal members. Products that use the new Deep Drawing technology also remain RoHS compliant.

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