12th December 2006
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Laird Technologies, a leading designer and manufacturer of antenna, electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding, telematics and thermal management solutions, introduced today its Thermally Enhanced Board Level Shielding technology (T-BLS), a RoHS compliant cooling method for electronic devices where board level shielding is required.
T-BLS is a single-assembly solution resulting from convergence technology which combines two different technologies into one product. Convergence technology provides many benefits to Laird Technologies customers because it can reduce component and part count, save space in an application and ultimately, reduce costs.

Laird Technologies, and industry leader in both EMI shielding and thermal management, is one of the few companies to combine technologies, and its new T-BLS product is the second in a series of converged products.

“Advanced cooling techniques become increasingly important as more powerful components and increased package densities are added to applications. Our unique approach to combining thermal interface materials with board level shielding produces more reliable electronic products such as PDAs, cellular phones and portable DVD players,” said Steve Ulm global product director, Laird Technologies. “By combining EMI protection and thermal management, Laird Technologies and our strategic business units provide customers with a state-of-the-art option for their board level shielding and thermal requirements.”

The T-BLS system uses Laird Technologies’ T-flex™ 600 Series thermal gap filler, a soft, extremely compressible material with high thermal conductivity. Its function between the electronic component and board level shield helps to remove heat from the component by eliminating air gaps and reducing the overall thermal load; therefore, extending the life of the product.

T-BLS technology is available in custom designs with various shapes and thermal interface materials. Pricing for a one-by-one inch square board level shield with a T-flex 600 Series thermal gap filler is $0.40 for high-volume applications in excess of 100,000 parts. Smaller quantities are generally priced at $0.75 each. Pricing is dependent upon application requirements.

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