15th February 2007
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Laird Technologies, a leading designer and manufacturer of antenna, electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding, telematics and thermal management solutions, introduced today its T-gard 20 high performance, cost effective thermally conductive insulating material. This product is designed for computer power supply applications.
T-gard 20 features a 9000 Vac dielectric breakdown voltage (DBV) that contributes to its high electrical reliability. Customers won’t have to worry about dielectric isolation in their application. T-gard 20 has two times the DBV of the competitive materials.

“The product features consistent dielectric strength because of the 0.05 mm thick electrical grade polyester,” said Robert Kranz, product manager. “The surface wetting properties of phase change coating produces the same consistent thermal properties of grease.”

T-gard 20 produces the same thermal performance whether the device is screw or clip mounted. In either situation the thermal impedance of T-gard 20 is 0.6°C-in ²/watt. The phase change coating melts into a grease-like paste at 52°C, and completely wets out the interface to achieve consistent thermal performance on rough and non flat surfaces.

The base polyester film has a tensile strength of 30 kpsi to prevent cut through on screw mounted TO-220 assemblies. T-gard 20 also has high cut-through resistance. The film is flexible so it does not crack or flake like mica.

“The consumer market is demanding more power out of their primary power supplies,” said Kranz. “The T-gard 20 gives them the extra performance without the extra price.”

The T-gard 20 is another offering in the family of T-gard insulators, which are designed to provide superior thermal, mechanical and electrical operation compared with other fiberglass products.

The product is available now and costs less than $0.01 per square inch.

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