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10th July 2009
ES Admin
Cynergistic Technologies is sellling enclosures from Apra Gruppe of Germany. Founded in 1969 Apra have grown over the years and encompass virtually all enclosures under one roof including the following; 19’’-cabinet systems; sub rack systems; desktop/small enclosures; panel Instrument cases; and custom plastic enclosures.
Whether you require a standard enclosure, sealed or unsealed or a custom one off solution the company has the ability to be able to take sheet plastic and form it into complex, custom enclosures that fit almost all applications. From stereo lithography, through to custom ‘flat sheet’ enclosures up to full 46U cabinets – our capability is unlimited.

This new and exciting addition to the Cynergistic product range confirms the ability to truly offer a complete electro-mechanical solution coupled with the highest quality service.

Cynergistic Technologies specialises in the supply of standard, modified standard or custom electro-mechanical components. Utilising industry experts and technical specialists we are one of the few true demand creators and supply fulfillment companies for the UK and Eire.

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