Heater Option for Air Conditioned Electronic Enclosures

14th March 2013
ES Admin
EIC Solutions offers a heating option for EIC thermoelectric air conditioners used in their electronic/electrical enclosures. For applications in deserts and other environments with wide variations in temperature, the addition of the EIC heater assures protection of devices and electronics that are sensitive not only to heat and cold, but also to condensation and the resulting danger of corrosion.
The heater is fully integrated into the air conditioning unit and control system — no dimensional changes to the transit case or enclosure are necessary.

The heating function is automatically activated when the internal temperature of the enclosure falls below 45 degrees Fahrenheit. Shut off is at 55 degrees Fahrenheit. The heater is controlled by an independent thermostat and no settings or adjustments are required. EIC also offers an optional digital temperature controller. The heater is UL recognized and CSA Certified.

“When the temperature inside the enclosure falls to a point that might be damaging to electronics and sensitive gear, the heater automatically turns on,” said Dave Bates, EIC Operations Manager. “This makes the heater option ideal for situations where the air conditioner is cooling the enclosure contents for most of the day, and then at night the temperature dramatically drops. Operating temperature is automatically optimized regardless of the environment.” Bates said the heaters are constructed from corrosion resistant Type 304 stainless steel giving them the durability and longevity needed in harsh environments. According to Bates, the heater option does not interfere with the ease of installation and operation of the EIC units.

EIC installs single 100W heaters or multiple units based on the size of the air conditioner. For example, small systems (200-400 BTU) would require only a single heater whereas larger units (2500-3200 BTU) would include eight 100W heaters, all seamlessly integrated into the system. Thermoelectric cooling units do not use a compressor, refrigerant or filters, and there are no moving mechanical parts other than fans. This means that the addition of the heating option results in a low-to-zero maintenance system for use across a wider temperature range than systems without the heater option.

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