Cooling units generate low levels of noise

15th July 2014
Siobhan O'Gorman

Cooling units suitable for environments which require low levels of noise, have been introduced by Rittal. Due to their high levels of noise, cooling units tend to be used within environments where noise is not an issue. However, TopTherm 'Blue e' roof mounted cooling units can control the temperature of environments such as laboratories and offices without disturbing personnel. 

With nominal outputs of 1.1kW, the cooling units feature electronically commutated (EC) fan technology and are proven to achieve energy savings of up to 45%. Nano-coated condenser coils negate the need for filters and an integrated electric condensate evaporator maintains an efficient supply of cooling for longer periods of time extending maintenance intervals.

Rittal roof-mounted cooling units for office applications offer viable solutions when it may have been assumed they would simply be too noisy.

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