1U rackmount dual X310 software radios from Pixus

7th November 2023
Harry Fowle

Pixus Technologies has unveiled a new 1U tall, rackmountable enclosure capable of housing two X310 Software Defined Radios (SDRs) from NI’s Ettus Research brand.

The enclosure is designed to provide enhanced cooling, featuring a front-to-rear airflow system that ensures effective heat dissipation. It meets Transport Grade ruggedisation standards, making it suitable for military rackmount applications. The construction of the enclosure is robust, with a thicker, reinforced metal structure aimed at withstanding harsh conditions.

Engineered for versatility, the RX310 series offers options including IP67 weather resistance and full MIL-spec ruggedness, allowing for deployment in a wide array of environments such as airborne, shipboard, ground vehicle, or outdoor settings. This series can cater to various applications like signals intelligence (SIG-INT), passive RADAR, smart agriculture, smart energy, and prototyping systems for advanced wireless technologies including WiFi, Cellular, and MIMO. Pixus also provides options for pole-mounting and other specialised mounting solutions.

Beyond the RX310, Pixus offers an assortment of other ruggedised SDRs from NI, such as the X410, B210, N310, and others. Additionally, the company is adept at creating custom ruggedised enclosures to meet specific form factor requirements.

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