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World's first 'Internet Car'

31st August 2016
Daisy Stapley-Bunten

SAIC Motor (SAIC) and Alibaba Group (Alibaba) jointly announced the Roewe RX5, also known to be the first 'Internet Car' in the world at the 2016 Beijing International Automotive Exhibition (Auto China 2016). Recently, this Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV), featuring cutting-edge technology and smart operating system, leads a sales rush in Tmall automobile trading platform.

Powered by TI 'Jacinto 6' family of infotainment processors, Roewe RX5 provides a number of new cloud features, customised data and voice control service. In addition, it is also the industry’s first Infotainment Advanced Driver Assistance System (InfoADAS) supporting internet services.

Comparing with the traditional Internet of Vehicles (IoV), the 'Internet Car' unveiled by SAIC and Alibaba has re-defined the network interconnection of vehicles, which enables automobiles to become the newest member of internet industry. By virtue of the synergy between YunOS smart operating system and Aliyun cloud computing system, the “Internet Car” can transmit data gathered by sensors within the car to cloud for interaction, which further enables new internet functions in navigation, driver’s identity verification and other features in ADAS. At the same time, the integrated processing of cloud and vehicle terminal gives the car a second engine driven by data. The data transformed through YunOS can provide the most intelligent driving force to car and deliver remarkable driving experiences. Besides, the coordination between “ground” and “aerial” makes the vehicle into an internet intelligent hardware platform upon which users can add other intelligent hardware with internet attributes, truly building their own internet cars.

TI has years of experience in automotive electronics, with its powerful processors enabling automobiles achieve cloud interconnection. Now, combined with 'Jacinto 6' solutions, TI enables the 'Internet Car' to support multiple displays and achieve surrounding view running on a SoC. In addition, the scalability of TI’s 'Jacinto 6' family of processors enables a typical InfoADAS solution to drive multi-displays including: high-definition LCD for typical In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI), WVGA 7” LCD integrated with hybrid digital (analogue cluster) system and surround view. All these functions are being driven by a single 'Jacinto 6' processor, enabling scalability across the 'Internet Car' platform. Based on DRA7xx devices from the 'Jacinto' family, the 'Internet Car' is running on the YunOS smart operation system to support system fast boot, a customised GUI, data sync with the cloud, as well as many other applications for IOV. The heterogeneous feature of 'Jacinto 6' also provides high definition LCD and digital panel supporting on a single chip, allowing drivers to achieve seamless switching between LCDs for navigation and infotainment with the industry top 1 single chip data processing performance.

"TI is devoted to driving excellence in infotainment and InfoADAS solutions," said Curt Moore, TI’s Automotive Processors General Manager. “We are delighted that our technology has allowed SAIC and Alibaba, leading car OEM and e-commerce titan, to achieve remarkable performance with a differentiated product for their ‘Internet Car.’ In the future, TI will continue to work closely with SAIC and Alibaba on leading, innovative TI technology that stretches beyond the existing boundaries of the internet-connected vehicles.”

The birth of “Internet Car” is expected to spur the development of many new internet applications. Imagine that future drivers can login cars or exercise remote control through exclusive personal ID, while cars, according to logged data, will automatically adjust the seat back, lighting and music all while deciding the most convenient travel route. Moreover, thanks to precise voice recognition and voice interaction, drivers can give instructions or orders regarding online booking and payment etc. without being distracted. The openness of 'Internet Car' will allow drivers to add a variety of smart hardware products such as drones, in-car air purifier or camera, delivering unlimited possibilities. TI is committed to changing the future of automotive industry through advanced semiconductor technology and can provide a series of innovative technologies to modern automotive manufacturers spanning from infotainment solutions to ADAS and hybrid power, as well as power integration system solutions and wireless connection. TI has over 100,000 extensive product portfolios and keeps making innovations with 900 new products each year, including over 130 automotive products. At present, the shipment volume of TI ADAS SoC has exceeded 15 million, which further demonstrates TI’s leading position in automotive market. Meanwhile, TI’s open and flexible solutions have been applied in manufacturing processes of over 25 OEMs, involving more than 100 types of vehicle.

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