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ST Edge AI Suite accelerates adoption with comprehensive ecosystem offer

6th December 2023
Harry Fowle

STMicroelectronics has announced the ST Edge AI Suite, a free integrated software toolkit to accelerates Edge AI adoption.

STMicroelectronics is taking significant strides in facilitating the transformation of products with Edge AI technology. The company announced the ST Edge AI Suite, an integrated software toolkit, free-to-use with ST hardware, marking a major leap in supporting the design and deployment of connected, autonomous devices embedding AI.

Jean-Marc Chery, President and CEO of STMicroelectronics, highlighted the growing trend towards billions of connected, autonomous devices across various sectors. He emphasised that ST's products are central to these devices, and the integration of their hardware with the newly announced software suite will catalyse a shift towards a more intelligent Edge. The suite aims to simplify AI solution development, leveraging ST's wide range of hardware and tools.

The ST Edge AI Suite

A preview of the ST Edge AI Suite's capabilities was showcased at ST's online Edge AI Summit. This offering is poised to empower developers, data scientists, and product designers in optimising machine learning models and deploying them on embedded devices.

ST's commitment to fostering a community-driven approach was evident in their decision to offer free access to the Edge AI Suite. This approach not only supports the development of AI solutions but also promotes a collaborative ecosystem, enhancing the overall transformation process.

Slated for release in the first half of 2024, the ST Edge AI suite represents a significant milestone in STMicroelectronics' decade-long journey in the Edge AI domain. The suite consolidates and integrates various software tools, development kits, and partnerships, including collaborations with Nvidia and AWS, to provide an extensive, user-friendly environment for Edge AI application development.

Key features of the ST Edge AI Suite:

  • Diverse hardware integration: The suite is compatible with a broad spectrum of ST's hardware, as well as those of competitors as to not lock customers into one brand, including general-purpose and automotive microcontrollers, microprocessors, and smart sensors. This compatibility ensures that developers have the flexibility to choose the most suitable hardware for their specific AI applications.
  • Optimisation tools for embedded AI: The suite includes tools that are specifically tailored for optimising AI algorithms for embedded systems. These tools address the unique challenges posed by the limited processing power and memory of embedded devices, ensuring efficient and effective AI implementation.
  • Seamless integration with ML frameworks: Recognising the importance of machine learning in Edge AI, the suite provides seamless integration with major ML frameworks. This integration facilitates the development of robust AI models that can be easily deployed on ST's hardware.
  • Collaboration with industry leaders: The suite leverages partnerships with industry giants such as Nvidia and AWS. These collaborations bring in advanced AI and cloud capabilities, enhancing the suite's functionality and broadening its application scope.
  • Community-driven approach: Emphasising a collaborative ecosystem, STMicroelectronics offers the ST Edge AI Suite free of charge, encouraging a community-driven development approach. This strategy fosters innovation and knowledge sharing among developers, data scientists, and product designers.

Real-world applications:

ST have explored several practical applications of the ST Edge AI Suite, showcasing its versatility and impact across various sectors:

  • Automotive: In the automotive industry, the suite enables the development of AI-powered applications for vehicle safety, operational efficiency, and predictive maintenance. For instance, AI algorithms can analyse sensor data in real-time to enhance vehicle performance and safety.
  • Smart home and building control systems: The suite can be used to develop intelligent systems for energy management, security, and automation in homes and buildings. These systems can learn and adapt to user behaviour, providing enhanced convenience and efficiency.
  • Industrial machines: In the industrial sector, the ST Edge AI Suite allows for the development of smart, connected machines capable of predictive maintenance and operational optimisation, leading to reduced downtime and increased efficiency.

For ST, the ST Edge AI Suite is not just a toolset, it represents the companies vision for the future, where Edge AI is being seamlessly integrated into all facets of day-to-day digital life. With its imminent release in the first half of 2024, ST believes the suite is poised to be a game-changer in the Edge AI landscape, empowering creators and developers to bring their innovative ideas to life.

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