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29th February 2024
STMicroelectronics’ flexible rectifier for silicon/GaN converters

STMicroelectronics’ SRK1004 synchronous-rectifier controller eases the design and enhances the efficiency of converters built with silicon or GaN transistors, including industrial power supplies, portable-device chargers, and AC/DC adapters.

22nd February 2024
Transceiver ICs eliminate connectors, cables

New short-range wireless point-to-point transceiver ICs from STMicroelectronics remove the need for cables and connectors in consumer-friendly accessories and personal electronics like digital cameras, wearables, portable hard drives, and small gaming terminals.

13th February 2024
STM and Mobile Physics create EnviroMeter for smartphone air quality monitoring

STMicroelectronics, a global semiconductor pioneer serving customers across the spectrum of electronics applications, and Mobile Physics, a software-development startup specialised in environmental physics, have revealed an exclusive collaboration that enables smartphones and other devices to measure household and ambient air quality with a built-in optical sensor.

News & Analysis
10th January 2024
STMicroelectronics announces new organisation

STMicroelectronics has announced a significant reorganisation effective from February 5th, 2024, to enhance its product development and market responsiveness.

14th December 2023
Next-generation multizone time-of-flight sensor from STMicroelectronics

STMicroelectronics' VL53L8CX, a new 8 x 8 multizone time-of-flight (ToF) ranging sensor, brings several improvements including enhanced ambient-light immunity, reduced power consumption, and improved optics.

11th December 2023
STMicroelectronics eases bare-metal development on single-core MPUs

STMicroelectronics is helping engineers raise the performance of embedded-system designs to the next level with new software for migrating STM32 microcontroller code to more powerful STM32MP1 microprocessors.

7th December 2023
STMicroelectronics reveals new global-shutter image sensor

STMicroelectronics has enhanced its smart computer vision portfolio with its latest global-shutter image sensor.

Artificial Intelligence
6th December 2023
STMicroelectronics simplifies Edge AI adoption with free NanoEdge AI

STMicroelectronics is extending its commitment to the rapid adoption of AI in devices that people use everywhere and every day.

Artificial Intelligence
6th December 2023
ST Edge AI Suite accelerates adoption with comprehensive ecosystem offer

STMicroelectronics has announced the ST Edge AI Suite, a free integrated software toolkit to accelerates Edge AI adoption.

4th December 2023
STMicroelectronics enhances MasterGaN range with 200W and 500W models

STMicroelectronics has announced the addition of MasterGaN1L and MasterGaN4L to its product line, representing the latest in its integrated gallium-nitride (GaN) bridge devices. These devices mark a significant leap in simplifying power-supply design, utilising wide-bandgap technology to meet contemporary ecodesign standards.

30th November 2023
STMicroelectronics AI-enabled automotive inertial measurement unit

STMicroelectronics’ ASM330LHHXG1 inertial measurement unit (IMU) for automotive applications combines in-sensor AI with enhanced low-power operation and 125°C operating temperature range for reliability in harsh environments.

29th November 2023
STMicroelectronics collaborates with indie on in-car wireless charging security

STMicroelectronics, a semiconductor company serving a wide range of electronics applications, has introduced the STSAFE-V100-Qi secure element, enhancing privacy and security in wireless charging of portable devices in vehicles.

Events News
27th November 2023
STMicroelectronics showcases smart grid and cellular IoT solution at Enlit Europe Energy Forum

STMicroelectronics is set to exhibit its latest advancements in smart grid and cellular IoT connectivity at Enlit Europe, held from 28-30 November 2023 at Paris Expo Porte de Versailles, France.

Eco Innovation
24th November 2023
STMicroelectronics and ERG finalise renewable energy supply deal

STMicroelectronics, a global semiconductor company, and ERG, a prominent European independent energy producer from renewable sources, through its subsidiary ERG Power Generation, have announced a fifteen-year Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) for the supply of renewable energy to its operations in Italy from 2024 to 2038.

22nd November 2023
STMicroelectronics reveals precision digital power monitor

STMicroelectronics has introduced the TSC1641 precision digital current, voltage, and power monitor with high-precision input channels and support for the MIPI I3C advanced bus interface.

8th November 2023
STMicroelectronics’ new generation NFC controller

STMicroelectronics unveiled the ST54L NFC controller with an integrated secure element. This new integrated circuit (IC) empowers mobile devices, including smartphones, wearables, and tablets, with secure access to contactless services like payment and ticketing via the STPay-Mobile platform.

8th November 2023
STMicroelectronics new products for small Bluetooth devices

STMicroelectronics has released two new products to enable the next generation of better, smaller, and longer-lasting smart short-range wireless connectivity devices.

6th November 2023
Making Matter provisioning for IoT devices secure and easy

In a joint announcement, CommScope and STMicroelectronics have unveiled their collaborative effort to enhance the security and simplicity of Matter provisioning for IoT devices.

30th October 2023
STMicroelectronics launches STSPIN9 motor-drive series

STMicroelectronics has announced a high-current motor-drive series with the introduction of the first two STSPIN9 devices, targeting high-end industrial and home and professional appliances.

News & Analysis
26th October 2023
STMicroelectronics Q3 revenues rise 2.5% year-on-year

STMicroelectronics Q3 revenues rose 2.5% year-on-year and 2.4% sequentially to $4.43 billion driven by continued growth in the Automotive market, and offset by a dip in Personal Electronics revenues.

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