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Debug support tool meets automative application requirements

31st October 2016
Alice Matthews

Debug tool company Lauterbach has announced its support for Infineon's generation of the AURIX processor family. The AURIX TC3xx family of microprocessors has been designed to meet the requirements of automotive powertrain, safety and Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) applications. 

The chips contain up to six 32-bit cores, 16MB Flash, a hardware security module, a Generic Timer Module (GTM) and a standby controller.

"We can now support debugging, tracing and flashing of these devices with an updated version of our TRACE32 debug environment," said Barry Lock, UK Manager of Lauterbach. “TRACE32 enables the synchronous start and stop of all six cores, as well as independent control of individual cores. It also allows the recording of program flow, data flow and the state of peripherals, such as the DMA controller, in real time."

Lauterbach tools support the major families of microprocessor cores, covering products from 75 silicon companies. The quality and capability of Lauterbach tools enable engineering teams to develop robust code whilst minimising development time lost to debugging.

“Lauterbach has been working closely with Infineon in recent years,” said Barry Lock. “As vehicle software becomes ever more complex, high quality debug tools have increasingly become a necessity. It’s a challenging field of work, and we are very proud of the contribution we make to code integrity and vehicle safety.”

With a hexa-core architecture and advanced features for connectivity, security and embedded safety, the AURIX family TC3xx has been designed for a wide range of automotive applications. In addition to engine management and transmission control, powertrain applications include new systems in electrical and hybrid drives – specifically, hybrid domain control, inverter control, battery management, and DC/DC converters will benefit from the new architecture. The AURIX TC3xx microcontrollers are also suitable for safety-critical applications ranging from airbags, braking and power steering, to sensor-based systems using radar or camera technologies.

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