Promoting certification with 5G NR test

11th February 2020
Alex Lynn

Anritsu Corporation is pleased to announce that Bureau Veritas Customer Products Service division, Electrical & Electronic, Automotive, Wireless (E.A.W.) Business Line in Taiwan has completed setup Anritsu’s 5G solution Radio Communication Test Station MT8000A for device verification, 5G NR Mobile Device Test Platform ME7834NR for protocol conformance testing and New Radio RF Conformance Test System ME7873NR for RF/RRM conformance testing.

Bureau Veritas operates professionally proved by mobile terminal certification organisations, such as GCF and PTCRB. By adopting MT8000A with modular configurations that allows an efficient expansion of 5G testing services, Bureau Veritas can construct stable 5G NR test system for both conducted and OTA environment.

By adopting the new ME7834NR and ME7873NR, Bureau Veritas is cooperating with Anritsu in obtaining GCF and PTCRB conformance test certifications (test platform validation), helping accelerate Anritsu’s activities in 5G NR protocol and RF/RRM testing for both sub-6GHz and mmWave.

5G is heading towards a new generation of cellular network. Anritsu is now synergising with Bureau Veritas to collaborate with varied test certification bodies to facilitate growth of the 5G NR conformance test market and early commercial rollout of 5G NR communications services by bringing a stable and high-quality conformance test system to market.

The Radio Communication Test Station MT8000A is an all-in-one test platform for RF, Protocol, and Beam tests, as well as for beam-forming evaluations. Moreover, it covers the key frequency bands used by the first 5G services, such as the Sub-6GHz band (FR1) frequencies of 600MHz, 2.5GHz, 3.5GHz, 4.5GHz, and the mmWave band (FR2) frequencies of 28GHz, 39GHz, etc. With an easy-to-use GUI and software for setting various test parameters, it helps easy and flexible configuration of an efficient and cost-effective test environment.

The 5G NR Mobile Device Test Platform ME7834NR has both standalone (SA) and non-standalone (NSA) 5G NR test modes for supporting 3GPP TS 38.523 protocol tests recommended for use at mobile-operator acceptance testing.

Additionally, combination with new OTA chambers and RF converters designed for 5G covers the frequency bands including sub-6GHz and millimetre-wave used by 5G.

The ME7834NR is based on the ME7834LA supporting protocol conformance tests of LTE, LTE-Advanced (LTE-A), LTE-A Pro, and previous W-CDMA communications terminals as well as mobile-operator acceptance testing. Customers with these test systems can easily upgrade to systems supporting 5G while relying on their tried and trusted LTE-A test environment.

The New Radio RF Conformance Test System ME7873NR is an automated system for 3GPP TS38.521/TS38.533-defined 5G NR RF/RRM tests. It supports both planned 5G NR SA and NSA modes, while combination with Anritsu’s 5G over-the-air (OTA) chamber (CATR) covers all 5G frequency bands, including sub-6GHz and mmWave. A flexible system configuration allows customers to customise the ME7873NR for specific measurement conditions. An easy 5G upgrade path from the LTE-Advanced RF Conformance Test System ME7873LA is available to create a cost-effective RF test system that meets emerging required test conditions.

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