OTA test system wins CTIA Certification

5th December 2023
Mick Elliott

Rohde & Schwarz says its R&S TS8991 over-the-air (OTA) test system is the first to be approved by CTIA Certification for testing 5G A-GNSS antenna performance.

This solution measures the performance of the global navigation satellite system (GNSS) receiver in a wireless device. This is critical because Assisted-GNSS is used for E911 emergency calls over 5G.  The latest Test Plan for Wireless Device Over-the-Air (OTA) Performance Version 4.0.x from CTIA Certification added 5G FR1 EN-DC to the existing A-GPS L1 OTA specification. The previously published Version 6.0.x added 5G FR1 SA, A-GPS L5 and A-Galileo E1, which are soon to start the CTIA Certification validation process. The TS8991 test system is a turnkey solution for meeting CTIA Certification OTA test requirements for 2G/3G A-GPS, 4G LTE A-GNSS and now also 5G A-GNSS.

It consists of the R&S CMX500 5G one-box signalling tester, the R&S SMBV100B satellite simulator and an anechoic wireless performance test chamber (WPTC). It features a high degree of system integration and is easily upgradeable.

Every component is controlled using the R&S CONTEST software, allowing for fully automated OTA measurements in compliance with CTIA Certification Test Plans. The R&S CMX500 is a one-box solution for all mobile device testing applications. It supports transmitter and receiver RF parametric measurements as well as testing for data throughput, audio quality and battery life.

This solution is integrated into the R&S TS8991 antenna performance test system to provide signalling capabilities to a device under test (DUT) as well as measure the receive sensitivity and transmit power. It covers the most advanced requirements for wireless communications testing and supports the latest 3GPP and IEEE technologies. The R&S SMBV100B is a satellite simulator that supports all major satellite navigation technologies and satellite constellations. With the CMX500 location-based services, it supports all 3GPP-based Assisted GNSS technologies. The R&S WPTC OTA Test Chamber is a high-performance OTA anechoic test chamber available in a range of chamber sizes for different testing needs. Christoph Pointner, Senior Vice President of Radio Mobile Testers and Test Systems at Rohde & Schwarz says: “We are committed to providing customers with reliable, high-performance OTA test systems that meet a wide range of different testing needs. This is why we are thrilled that the R&S TS8991 is the first 5G FR1 A GNSS OTA test solution approved by CTIA Certification. The TS8991 OTA test systems are equipped with market-leading Rohde & Schwarz instrumentation and software - ensuring optimal performance and seamless system integration.”

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