Fairview Microwave launches series of 5G amplifiers

10th November 2023
Sheryl Miles

Fairview Microwave, an Infinite Electronics brand and a provider of on-demand RF, microwave, and millimetre-wave components, has introduced a new series of 5G amplifiers.

Designed to meet the needs of contemporary projects, these amplifiers provide efficient performance across the 5G spectrum while maintaining cost-effectiveness.

The newly released amplifiers come in compact coaxial packages and cover a wide frequency spectrum from 10MHz to 8GHz. This range makes them suitable for various market bands, including VHF, UHF, and L, S, and C bands.

The series includes 5G low-noise amplifiers (LNA) that offer notable noise figures, with some models achieving as low as 0.6dB. Additionally, the power amplifiers in the series provide robust output with P1dB levels between 1 and 2 watts. Selected models feature integrated heatsinks for enhanced thermal management.

Durability is a key feature of these amplifiers, with designs that can withstand challenging MIL-STD-202 environmental test conditions. This ensures longevity and consistent performance. The models are user-friendly, supporting SMA female connectors and offering solder pins for voltage and ground connections, which simplifies installation.

Fairview Microwave’s 5G amplifiers offer a combination of affordability and performance. They are versatile, being suitable for use in both final applications and earlier stages such as prototyping and proof-of-concept.

Kevin Hietpas, Product Line Manager, commented on the new range: “Keeping pace with the evolving telecommunications landscape, these 5G amplifiers are crafted for frequencies that are at the heart of 5G applications. Moreover, their varied range in gain, noise figure, and power levels ensures that every customer finds an ideal match for their unique requirements.”

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