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maxon celebrates International Women in Engineering Day

23rd June 2021
Lanna Deamer

The women in engineering (WIE) at maxon work eagerly to contribute to the success of advanced technology in the motion control industry. This week in honor of International Women in Engineering Day, 23rd June, 2021 - maxon wishes to thank these engineering women for their contributions as they continue to help shape the world we live in.

Around the globe, the maxon women in engineering are working on motion control applications with their customers, they focus on new product designs to implement the latest technologies and continue to research new concepts and ideas for drive systems to be used in motion control applications found in Medical, Industrial Automation, Aerospace and Defense, and Mobility industries. 

All of these women are making a difference in our organisation and in our industry. These women help define and recognise a problem or challenge and then work to be part of the solution. Some examples include: Virginie Mialane, who worked on the development of the first active motorised implant for gastric banding – a device dedicated to the pathology of obesity.

Very impactful at changing people’s quality of life. Another is Hannah Kleeblatt who works as a maxon Quality Engineer, says that sometimes unconventional solutions have to be embraced. Like the time she inspected internal gear flanges for NASA Mars gearheads – millimeter by millimeter with an endoscope that was acquired from a nearby medical company.

Petra Marek focuses on digital technology and embedded software. With her experience in development of motor controller software, Petra implemented her know-how with an automated test system at maxon. These are only a few of the many maxon women in engineering making a difference - we congratulate them all and celebrate their achievements.

We also recognise the importance to continuously promote interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). These programs help encourage many young women to seek opportunities in engineering and science fields. We want to encourage this growth today and in the future.

We asked our female engineers what could be done to encourage more young women to become engineers, and this is what some said:

Sandra Dettling said: “Young women need to see other women in the challenging engineering world. Only then can they see what can be achieved.”

“Take the risk, ask the questions, be confident and do not let other people’s judgement hinder your growth.” says Angelica Perzan.

As maxon participates in honoring all women in engineering during the International Women in Engineering Day, we are mindful that it is not just for one day or one week. We will do our part to continue telling their stories - actively promoting woman engineers and scientists while also inspiring and encouraging young girls to pursue a career in engineering.

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