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19th November 2020
Urban Air Mobility: transport of the future

An important part of a maxon Sales Engineers role is to predict the future. We need to think ahead to what applications the world will need in five or ten years. Here Andrew Gibson, Aerospace Sales Engineer, has looked at urban air mobility, and the transport of the future.

Aerospace & Defence
23rd June 2020
The future of aerospace

What will the aerospace industry look like going forward? The skies are eerily silent, as flights are restricted, the aerospace industry is seeing its worst-ever global decline due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As the industry resets to a ‘new normal’, there will be a continuing push for driving costs down and providing a greener operation. I have been considering how maxon meets the challenge. Andrew Gibson, Aerospace Sales Engineer, max...

Component Management
7th May 2020
ECX series of miniature drives for multi-axis systems

Maxon has announced that it is expanding its range of configurable drives with more brushless DC motors, gearheads, and encoders from the ECX series. There is also news on positioning controllers in the micro segment.

11th February 2020
Miniaturised controller for single and multi-axis

Maxon has announced that it is launching a new, miniaturised controller with a size of only 32x22mm as part of its successful line of positioning controllers. The price-performance ratio, with a functionality that's virtually identical to the larger units, addresses cost-sensitive single- and multi-axis applications.

10th January 2020
Amputee bonds with son thanks to 3D printed bionic hand

For 21 years, Danny Florence has lived with one hand. But when he became a father, he decided to apply for an Open Bionics Hero Arm. With the help of the maxon driven prosthesis he can now build a strong bond with his son. At the age of five, Florence lost both legs, a hand and most of his fingers.

Aerospace & Defence
21st November 2018
The first Mars helicopter will fly with Swiss DC motors

Two years from now, the US space agency NASA will send a new rover to the Red Planet. This trip will include a small helicopter which will take the first aerial photos of Mars. The rotors will be controlled by robust DC motors from Switzerland.

2nd October 2018
The robot musicians

An overheard conversation on a commuter train led to an exciting new venture for the Manchester based Hallé orchestra. Hallé’s Education Director, Steve Pickett, had listened in to Peter Green’s engineering discussion and rightly concluded that this was the person to bring his ideas to reality.

19th February 2018
Using high power density and precision in robotics

  maxon motor technology is widely used in robotics, where high power density and precision are prerequisites. This article explains which products are most suited to robot applications and why. By Amir Janjua, Technical Engineer, maxon motor UK.

14th February 2018
4.2 litre V8 engine selected for hostile racing cars

  In 2017 race car engine company, Gibson Technology, designed, developed and manufactured a new 4.2 litre V8 engine, supplied to all LMP2 racing teams in the most prestigious endurance competitions. Every engine depends on the performance and reliability of a maxon DC motor and gearhead assembly.

19th December 2017
Brushless motor designed for robotics applications

Several different versions of the high torque, brushless EC-i motors from maxon motor are now available in small diameters. They are suitable for hand-held devices and applications in robotics. With the EC-i 30, drive specialist maxon motor is introducing a new brushless DC motor (BLDC). It has a diameter of 30mm and is therefore smaller than the EC-i 40 currently available.

8th February 2013
Modular Multi-axis Motherboard

It doesn't get any easier than this: Define the number of axes for the Mother-board, click, and done. For the EPOS2 Module 36/2 positioning controller, maxon motor offers a motherboard that can be applied with just a few simple steps to suit drive systems with up to 11 axes.

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