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Forging futures: honouring women's impact on engineering

16th August 2023
Sheryl Miles

Despite the fact that engineering has always been viewed as a male-dominated field, women have achieved some of the most remarkable feats in history.

Here, tech enthusiast and advocate for women in tech, Gabrielle Lawson takes a look at the pioneering women in tech and celebrates their successes.

From Ada Lovelace's groundbreaking research as the first computer programmer to Gerty Cori's trailblazing breakthroughs as the first woman to earn the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, women have made important contributions to engineering.

In this piece, we will highlight the contributions made by female engineers to the field, honour their triumphs, and emphasise the need of promoting female company owners. Prepare to go on a journey of inspiration, inventiveness, and empowerment.

Key takeaways

  • Women have made significant contributions to the engineering profession throughout history.
  • It is critical to encourage more women to work in engineering in order to foster innovation and diversity.
  • Women in engineering are breaking down barriers and inspiring future generations.

Women who shaped engineering: unveiling pioneers

There are many inspirational women who defied social standards and made important contributions to engineering history.

The following are some notable pioneers:

  • Ada Lovelace: Lovelace, usually regarded as history's first computer programmer, developed the original algorithm for Charles Babbage's Analytical Engine in the mid-nineteenth century. Her innovative ideas laid the groundwork for contemporary computers.
  • Emily Warren Roebling: After her husband got ill while the Brooklyn Bridge was being constructed, Roebling stepped up and took over as the project's head engineer. She was a pioneer for women in engineering since she managed the construction of the iconic skyscraper.
  • Ingrid Moller Gilbreth was a pioneering industrial psychologist who had a considerable impact on the subject of time and motion studies. She revolutionised home efficiency by inventing things like refrigerator door shelves and garbage can foot pedals.

Celebrating contemporary icons: women in the lead

While the accomplishments of prior heroes continue to inspire, it is critical to highlight the role that women are playing in today's engineering environment. Women are now setting the standard in several engineering professions, including civil, electrical, biomedical, and aerospace. Some notable modern icons include:

  • Dr. Mae Jemison is a brilliant engineer and physician who created history by being the first African-American woman to travel to space. She is an excellent role model because of her contributions to NASA and her passion for supporting STEM education.
  • Gwynne Shotwell: Shotwell, the president and chief operating officer of SpaceX, is a prominent person in the commercial space business. Her technical expertise and leadership have advanced SpaceX's rocket technology advancements.
  • Dr. Frances Arnold was awarded the 2018 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for her contributions to directed evolution. Her groundbreaking work in enzyme engineering has revolutionised the production of fuels, pharmaceuticals, and other goods.

Breaking down barriers and sparking innovation: women entrepreneurs

Female entrepreneurs have been instrumental in sparking innovation, changing whole sectors, and dispelling preconceptions. They not only build great engineering organisations, but they also serve as role models for aspiring engineers. Let us take a moment to recognise their outstanding achievements:

  • Reshma Saujani, the creator of females Who Code, is dedicated to closing the gender gap in technology by providing opportunities for females to learn computer science and coding. Through her group, she has motivated hundreds of young women to pursue careers in engineering and technology.
  • Limor Fried, the ‘Queen of Geeks,’ is the founder of Adafruit Industries, a company that sells open-source electrical components and educational resources. She has made important contributions to the cause of accessibility and diversity in the electronics sector.
  • Debbie Sterling: Recognising a lack of female representation in the toy industry, Sterling created the GoldieBlox line of construction toys with the intention of inspiring young girls to seek professions in engineering. She has gained worldwide acclaim for her innovative use of engineering and storytelling.

Conclusion: forging a bright future

Embracing diversity and overcoming challenges

There are countless examples of women breaking the glass ceiling in the technology and cybersecurity space, even though women in tech only account for 34% of the STEM field and 17% in ICT.

Despite these challenges, women continue to rise and excel in various engineering disciplines, shattering stereotypes and driving progress.

It is critical to create an atmosphere that not only inspires but also motivates more women to pursue engineering careers in order to pave the way for a more diverse and equitable engineering sector. We express our gratitude and celebrate the successes of women in engineering by recognising and acknowledging their major contributions.

By embracing diversity, promoting female entrepreneurs, and providing mentorship opportunities, we can all work together to build a future in which everyone, regardless of gender, has equal access to engineering and technology achievements. We can build a future in which women continue to make amazing advances in the engineering sector, driving innovation, developing society, and inspiring younger generations to break down barriers and achieve greatness by working together.



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