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‘DEIB In Web3’ playbook launches at Women of Web3 conference

14th March 2023
Sheryl Miles

As an industry still recovering from the events such as FTX, Celsius, and Terra Luna from last year, and now the news of SVB and other banks collapsing, the launch of this playbook is an opportunity to reset the Web3 space, once and for all.

Companies with more women in leadership roles tend to be more profitable. Diverse teams are innovative and able to solve complex problems, and are able to understand and serve their customers, as they are more representative of the broader population. Further research suggests that feminine leadership traits perform best.

Traditionally, the male dominated blockchain and cryptocurrency environment has not been conducive to female voices and particularly other minorities in the LGBTQ space.

New research finds almost 90% of women worldwide are penalised and undermined because of their achievements at work. Tall Poppy Syndrome occurs when people are attacked, resented, disliked, criticised, or cut down because of their achievements and/or success.

If you’re a female founder or underrepresented founder building in the emerging Web3 tech space, ‘Tech investors are more likely to back male founders over female counterparts due to their own biases and the popular perception that top tech tycoons are all young white men’, according to a Study by Vienna University of Economics and Business.

According to Bridget Greenwood: “The default for VCs so often means championing men in key roles over women, especially in a bear market.

“But all the data shows that women in key C-suite roles deliver greater profitability than their male counterparts”.

In terms of how effectively companies turn a dollar of investment into a dollar of revenue, startups founded and cofounded by women are significantly better financial investments. For every dollar of funding, these startups generated 78 cents, while male-founded startups generated just 31 cents.

We now have the promise of fully integrated, genuine decentralisation with an opportunity to truly allow previously underrepresented communities to flourish alongside their male counterparts and colleagues in the Web3 playground with the announcement of the UC Berkeley backed DEIB Web3 Playbook and founding sponsors Ripple.

This ground-breaking initiative has been led by Bridget Greenwood, Founder of The Bigger Pie.

The purpose of the DEIB in Web3 Playbook is to create an actionable resource and tool that will highlight a path forward for Web3 that centres on equity and inclusion, while acting as a bridge between academia and industry as in an open invitation to the entire ecosystem to get involved.

Which will include:

  • Dedicated website & portal
  • Steering group
  • Playbook DAO for those shaping and guiding the playbook incl. key industry leaders
  • SaaS model implementation of playbook
  • Digital dashboard with data gathering and reporting

In conjunction with the playbook is the launch of the Web3 Mastery Advocate Programme (MAP), a series of 12 week programmes consisting of Zero to CMO, and Zero to CTO.

Bridget Greenwood from The Bigger Pie says: “The DEIB Web3 Playbook represents a critical turning point for the Web3 space. We are proud to have collaborated with UC Berkeley, Ripple, and are looking forward to bringing in other key Web3 foundations, organisations, and communities to set a new standard for diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging in the industry. By providing companies with the resources they need to create a more inclusive and diverse workplace, and to allow more funding to flow to outstanding startups, we believe that we can create a more successful and sustainable Web3 ecosystem."

Lauren Ingram, Founder of Women of Web3 says: “At Women of Web3 we are proud to support the DEIB Web3 Playbook and its mission to create a more inclusive Web3 space. We want to see women succeeding and leading in Web3, so we need to start putting DEIB principles in place immediately if we want to see a more equitable next iteration of the internet. We look forward to making this a reality.

“Rather than reverting to bad practices, the DEIB in Web3 Playbook is a roadmap to a more inclusive and diverse Web3 environment.

“This is about working with men and the entire ecosystem to create a sustainable, profitable, mass adopted, safe and inclusive space for everyone to work together and flourish. To achieve that we all need some guidance”.

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