Webinar: China’s semiconductor industry rises as a global challenger

5th December 2023
Paige West

China’s semiconductor sector is on the rise as a global contender, propelled by progress in advanced node manufacturing.

The Chinese industry occupies a strategic foothold in the memory market and is intensely active in the SiC race. This ecosystem is also developing core expertise in the advanced packaging field and has made substantial investments in cutting-edge manufacturing equipment.

For one hour, Yole invites you to discover the status of the semiconductor industry in China, its underlying ecosystem, and related business opportunities.

This program welcomes six Yole Group experts to deliver their vision of the industry and highlight China’s market and technology assets.

Simone Bertolazzi, Principal Technology & Market Analyst, Memory at Yole Intelligence ,said: “China is a key market for NAND and DRAM suppliers, as described in detail in Yole Group’s 2023 Status of the Memory Industry report. China strategically targeted this segment to reduce dependency on foreign suppliers. Key players, including Yangtze Memory Technologies Co. (YMTC), have invested significantly in technology development, positioning China as a potential major player in the global memory market.”

Poshun Chiu, Senior Technology & Market Analyst, Compound Semiconductor & Emerging Substrates at Yole Intelligence, said: “China’s determination to dominate strategic semiconductor segments is evident in the SiC race. Chinese players are gaining market share, with plans for substantial capacity growth in the coming years. Companies like Cree and BYD are leading in developing SiC technologies, aiming to secure a significant share of the growing SiC market.”

Yik Yee Tan, Ph.D., Senior Market & Technology Analyst, Semiconductor Packaging & Assembly at Yole Intelligence said: “Advanced packaging has become a focal point, with companies like JCET emerging as key players. By integrating advanced packaging capabilities, Chinese companies deliver innovative solutions for industries like 5G, AI, and IoT, strengthening China’s position in the global semiconductor supply chain.”

Webinar’s programme

Power SiC

The electrification of China’s automotive park is skyrocketing, with more than 20% of vehicles produced based on BEV platforms.

Chinese players are gaining market share at the SiC wafer and epiwafer levels, and significant capacity is planned in the coming five years. For example, more than 40% of the total SiC wafer capacity in 2027 will be from China.

Many regions in China are currently developing SiC businesses. More than US$1.5 billion in investments has been announced in SiC in China since 2022.

Speaker: Poshun Chiu, Senior Technology & Market Analyst, Compound Semiconductor & Emerging Substrates at Yole Intelligence


The automotive ADAS/AD processor market is rapidly growing, with a CAGR of around 20%, and China is eager to be part of it.

Tesla FSD HW4, Apple A17, HiSilicon 9000s: advanced computing chips are providing incredible performance with advanced nodes, and China intends to stay in the game.

In a more than $180 billion processor market, whether for consumer, automotive, or data centre, China is investing heavily to reduce its dependence on foreign semiconductor technologies.

Speakers: Ying-Wu Liu, Technology & Cost Analyst, Yole SystemPlus, and Adrien Sanchez, Senior, Technology & Market Analyst, Computing & Software


Combined stand-alone NAND and DRAM sales to China were worth around $138 billion in 2022, corresponding to around 32% of all NAND and DRAM sales worldwide.

Chinese players are developing and adopting hybrid bonding interconnection technology as an alternative to dimensional scaling.

DRAM-Logic Integration: logic die and DRAM die bonded together through copper-to-copper hybrid bonding to increase chip bandwidth.

Speaker: Simone Bertolazzi, Principal Technology & Market Analyst, Memory at Yole Intelligence.

Semiconductor packaging

The total revenue of the top ten Chinese OSATs grew 8% from 2021 to 2022, from $11.4 billion to $12.2 billion.

Chinese OSATs are mainly focusing on mid-end Advanced Packaging platforms and targeting high-end technologies for the future.

Significant investments by mainland China’s OSATs of more than $4 million have been announced.

Speaker: Yik Yee Tan, Ph.D., Senior Market & Technology Analyst, Semiconductor Packaging & Assembly at Yole Intelligence.

Wafer Fab Equipment

Substantial WFE revenue growth is expected in the areas where China invests: mature foundries, specialty and advanced packaging/OSATs.

In terms of technology for >28 nm production, several WFE makers can already replace international equipment, but production capacities are limited.

Speaker: Taguhi Yeghoyan, Senior Technology & Market Analyst, Semiconductor Equipment, Subsystems, and Testing

Without a doubt, the rise of China’s semiconductor industry is a multifaceted story. It is propelled by advances in manufacturing, strategic focus, and investments. As Chinese companies continue to innovate and invest in these critical areas, China is poised to solidify its position and reshape the dynamics of the global semiconductor industry.

Do not miss the opportunity to understand the Chinese semiconductor industry and the underlying business opportunities and technical issues.

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