Series 7 Episode 4 – Essentials of Edge Computing

15th April 2022
Paige West

Charlotte Morgan interviews Robert Oshana, VP Software Engineer, R&D, Microcontroller Group at NXP about his work on an ebook on edge computing.

Robert is responsible for the software enablement of NXP’s microcontrollers and microprocessors, including the enablement for machine learning, the operating systems, the security, the multimedia and all the conductivity, to name a few.

The ebook, The Essentials of Edge Computing, was created to share knowledge and insights to help the industry unravel the complexity of the edge and drive forward its enormous potential.

Robert explains: “The edge is getting closer to where the real time processing needs to happen: the edge of the network – closer to where the data is providing real time and secure processing of that data.

“It’s a fundamentally simple concept, but it requires a broad range of capabilities to achieve optimal security, energy efficiency, connectivity and machine learning intelligence.”

Robert goes on to discuss how MCUs and MPUs have become so vital to the edge over the years and how edge computing provides a solution to the limitations currently found in cloud processing.

For more details on the benefits of edge computing, you can listen to this episode of Electronic Specifier Insights on both Spotify and Apple Podcasts.


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