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NXP Semiconductors N.V. (NASDAQ: NXPI) enables secure connections and infrastructure for a smarter world, advancing solutions that make lives easier, better and safer. As the world leader in secure connectivity solutions for embedded applications, NXP is driving innovation in the secure connected vehicle, end-to-end security & privacy and smart connected solutions markets. Built on more than 60 years of combined experience and expertise, the company has 45,000 employees in more than 35 countries

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19th January 2021
6GHz spectrum unlocked with a WiFi 6E Tri-Band chipset

NXP Semiconductors has announced it is laying the foundation for a new era of WiFi 6 devices that can operate in the 6GHz band with its new CW641 WiFi 6E Tri-Band system-on-chip (SoC). With increasing congestion in the legacy 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands, the US FCC has approved 1.2GHz of unlicensed spectrum for the 6GHz band along with other regions around the world, which will transform the WiFi landscape.

15th January 2021
BlueBox 3.0 for automotive high-performance computing

NXP Semiconductors has announced BlueBox 3.0, a new and expanded version of NXP’s safe Automotive High-Performance Compute (AHPC) development platform. Designed for software application development and validation ahead of silicon device availability, BlueBox 3.0 now offers a flexible way to address user-defined vehicles, safety Level 2+ (L2+) automated driving, and the evolving vehicle architectures that will revolutionise connected vehicle...

6th January 2021
COVID-19 sparks a rise in biometric contactless payment

The COVID-19 pandemic has had ramifications everywhere, for almost – if not all – the industries in the world. Contactless payment existed before coronavirus hit, but it worked alongside cash and chip-and-pin. However, the pandemic has seen a considerable increase in the amount of transactions using contactless payment. Because of this, biometric payment cards – significantly more secure than standard contactless cards – a...

16th December 2020
Suite of radar sensor solutions create a safety cocoon

NXP Semiconductors has announced a complete suite of new radar sensor solutions that can surround vehicles in a 360-degree safety cocoon and enable the identification and classification capabilities of imaging radar.

Artificial Intelligence
15th December 2020
To get a handle on ethical AI, we must first secure the Edge

With the advancement of technology, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has started to become a tangible part of our everyday lives, assisting us with transportation, healthcare, protecting the environment and even helping us at home. In the coming decades, AI applications will go much further. Guest blog written by Lars Reger, NXP Semiconductors

24th November 2020
Xiaomi PonPon Tile 2.0 stickers connect the smart home

NXP Semiconductors and Xiaomi have announced the new Xiaomi PonPon Tile 2.0 stickers, powered by NXP’s NTAG NFC chip technology. The PonPon stickers and Xiaomi’s Mijia (Mi Home) app work with a multitude of Xiaomi Mi smart home devices, such as lighting, security cameras, alarm clocks and entertainment systems. Configuring and managing the devices is all done with a simple tap of a Xiaomi NFC-enabled smartphone.

20th November 2020
NXP and AWS collaborate for connected vehicles

NXP Semiconductors has announced a strategic relationship with Amazon Web Services (AWS) focused on extending the opportunities of connected vehicles. The collaboration aims to deliver a secure, edge-to-cloud compute solution for next-generation vehicles that can enable new cloud-powered services to benefit carmakers, their business partners and consumers alike.

20th November 2020
LPC55S16 MCU awarded Level 2 certifications

NXP Semiconductors has announced the LPC55S16 MCU has been awarded Level 2 certifications by both the PSA Certified scheme co-developed by Arm and the GlobalPlatform Security Evaluation Standard for IoT Platforms (SESIP) using the secure protection profile for embedded processors. With fast-expanding IoT and Industrial edge applications, device security and data protection become paramount.

17th November 2020
New S32K3 MCUs for automotive software development

NXP Semiconductors has announced the S32K3 microcontroller (MCU) family, the newest addition to its S32K product line. The S32K1 family, released in 2017, marked an important turning point in addressing software’s central role in automotive development. 

16th November 2020
4 myths about UWB, debunked

Like any emerging technology, the myths around UWB hit the headlines almost as fast as the facts, and sometimes linger on in our memories. We asked several UWB ecosystem players to weigh in on the misconceptions they see attending UWB now and in the future as the technology becomes more accessible. Let’s demystify four misunderstandings about UWB. Guest blog written by Peter Pirc, UWB Solution Manager at NXP.

9th November 2020
MCU-based face recognition with liveness detection

NXP Semiconductors has announced its latest NXP EdgeReady IoT solution for secure face recognition that enables original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to quickly, easily and inexpensively add vision-based touchless access control.

2nd November 2020
Volkswagen adopts NXP battery management solutions

In a keynote speech opening the NXP Connects developer conference, NXP CEO Kurt Sievers announced a collaboration with Volkswagen centred on the electronics for electric vehicles (EVs). Volkswagen has adopted NXP’s battery management system (BMS) into its innovative MEB platform to help increase vehicle range, extend battery longevity, and enhance safety.

29th October 2020
NXP scalable machine learning portfolio and capabilities

NXP Semiconductors has announced that it is enhancing its machine learning development environment and product portfolio. Through an investment, NXP has established an exclusive, strategic partnership with Au-Zone Technologies to expand NXP’s eIQ Machine Learning (ML) software development environment with easy-to-use ML tools and expand its offering of silicon-optimised inference engines for Edge ML.

26th October 2020
Sensing solutions that enable emerging IoT use cases

Following the introduction of mobile and automotive ultra-wideband (UWB) sensing solutions, NXP has expanded its portfolio to include new UWB ICs. Trimension SR040 and SR150 ICs are optimized to enable new IoT use cases such as smart locks and real-time location system (RTLS) tags, delivering ‘relative position’ with a very high level of accuracy.

News & Analysis
20th October 2020
Volkswagen opts for NXP battery management solutions

NXP Semiconductors has announced that Volkswagen has adopted its Battery Management Solutions for the car maker’s MEB Electrical Vehicle Platform.

16th October 2020
Podcast: Episode #14 - AI Ethics initiative

NXP Semiconductors has publicly launched its AI Ethics initiative, underscoring the company’s commitment to the ethical development of AI components and systems where people work and live, known as the ‘edge’ of computer networks. With secure, power efficient edge computing and AI, everyday devices not only sense their environments, but also interpret, analyse, and act in real-time on the data collected.

14th October 2020
RF Airfast multi-chip modules for MIMO 5G antenna radio

NXP Semiconductors and NEC have announced that NEC selected NXP to supply RF Airfast multi-chip modules to be used in a Massive MIMO 5G antenna Radio Unit (RU) for Rakuten Mobile. NEC’s Massive MIMO 5G antenna RU features a 5G open virtual radio access network (vRAN) interface and has been adopted by Rakuten Mobile for its fully virtualised cloud-native mobile network.

14th October 2020
Levelling the playing field for automotive suppliers

Automotive suppliers face major barriers to entry for advanced 77GHz radar applications. The development challenges are myriad, but the path forward to OEM qualification can be greatly simplified. Ioseph Martinez, Radar Product Manager, NXP Semiconductors, explains how.

12th October 2020
Bluetooth solutions for gaming, audio and IoT markets

NXP Semiconductors has announced its family of 2x2 WiFi 6 (802.11ax) Dual Band + Bluetooth solutions that are driving a new phase of connectivity innovation for advanced gaming, audio, industrial and IoT markets.

9th October 2020
Dual band BLE solution delivers 1.2 Gbps performance

NXP Semiconductors has introduced 2x2 Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) Dual Band + Bluetooth/BLE solutions to drive a new phase of connectivity innovation for advanced gaming, audio, industrial and IoT markets.

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