How is Arduino aiding business recovery post-lockdown?

19th June 2020
Alex Lynn

With many businesses starting to reopen, attention has been turned to how best to open safely, whilst adhering to the necessary distancing measures. Arduino has seen huge efforts amongst its community to leverage open-source to aid recovery efforts.

This is not only on a personal safety perspective, but also growth and innovation as many pivot business offerings to emerge strongly in a period of prolonged social distancing. 

To emerge from lockdown safely, how we interact with each other and physical devices is of paramount importance. Technology is the foundation of these new experiences. Arduino technology is being utilised by companies and innovators alike to create intuitive digital solutions, with simple and intelligent functionality that remove physical human interaction, improve safety and keep businesses productive. With businesses facing individual needs and challenges, Arduino can deliver the flexibility and connectivity needed to customise solutions to a specific use case or setting.  

Arduino’s technology is not only helping to create solutions that ‘do things differently’, but is at the centre of a constant cycle of simplification. One example is social distancing enforcement systems.

With Arduino, these systems can have a high accuracy tracking feature which rely on locator devices which are able to track a device attached to the employee around the office and record the time individuals spend in close proximity to each other - an important factor to be considered. Additionally, the design of touch free-hand sanitisation units is evolving,  using Arduino sensors that can track usage and alert when refills are required. 

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