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18th December 2020
Arduino Pro Distiamo to support social distancing

Arduino Pro has announced the launch of Distiamo, an intelligent distancing and positioning solution that supports enterprises and businesses with managing social distancing and contact tracing in any workplace or venue. It is designed to keep employees, visitors and customers safe.

7th December 2020
Arduino Sensor Kit powers-up projects with ease

Open-source hardware, software and content platform, Arduino has collaborated with Chinese DIY electronics company, Seeed to create the all-new Arduino Sensor Kit. The kit brings the power of Seeed’s Grove sensors to Arduino’s most popular board - the Arduino UNO - to make getting started with electronics and sensing the world around you easier than ever. 

10th November 2020
Arduino Oplà IoT Kit makes building devices simple

Arduino has announced the launch of its new Oplà IoT Kit, the first open programmable IoT platform that allows anyone to build custom IoT devices, with full control over personal data. The entry-level kit comes complete with a set of eight self-assemble projects ready to show you how to easily turn everyday devices into ‘smart devices’. 

24th August 2020
Arduino empowers every user to meet the IoT security challenge

Arduino has announced it will make security best practices achievable by anyone by including them as standard in the popular, easy-to-use Arduino IoT Cloud solution.

19th June 2020
How is Arduino aiding business recovery post-lockdown?

With many businesses starting to reopen, attention has been turned to how best to open safely, whilst adhering to the necessary distancing measures. Arduino has seen huge efforts amongst its community to leverage open-source to aid recovery efforts.

21st May 2019
New cellular connectivity service for Arduino IoT Cloud

Arduino has launched Arduino SIM, a SIM-only service exclusively for IoT devices based on the Arduino platform, to give developers and manufacturers cellular access to the Arduino IoT Cloud platform from over 100 countries with a single data plan and competitive pricing. Arduino SIM aims to provide the simplest path to cellular IoT device development in an environment familiar to millions.

6th February 2019
New platform accelerates democratisation of IoT development

Arduino has announced the introduction of an IoT Cloud as part of its professional IoT strategy. Targeted at developers, system integrators and maker hobbyists, the Arduino IoT Cloud is an easy-to-use Internet of Things application platform that enables users to develop and manage IoT applications that solve real life problems in a business environment or in everyday life. The introduction of this new platform builds on Arduino’s mission of...

14th May 2018
Connectivity boards offer communications based on WiFi

At Arduino Day, Arduino has launched two wireless connectivity boards to help streamline IoT development. The first of the boards is the MKR WiFi 1010, which offers low power consumption and has been designed not only to speed up and simplify the prototyping of WiFi-based IoT applications, but also to be embedded in production IoT applications that require WiFi connectivity.

14th May 2018
Arduino engineering kit provides hands-on educational approach

  Arduino has announced its partnership with MathWorks to reinforce the importance of Arduino at the university level in the fields of engineering, Internet of Things, and robotics. The Arduino Engineering Kit is the first product released as a result of the partnership and will be available for purchase starting today on the Arduino online store.

23rd April 2018
Arduino users challenged to build solutions for robotics contest

Arduino has launched a global contest that challenges users of its open-source electronics platform to create innovative products that help advance the development of Industry 4.0 automation and robotics applications. The contest is being run in partnership with electronics and automation distributor Distrelec, and is hosted at the Arduino Project Hub.

14th March 2018
Supporting the deployment of Arduino sketches

At Embedded Linux Conference 2018, Arduino has announced the expansion of the number of architectures supported by its Arduino Create platform for the development of IoT applications. With this new release, Arduino Create users can manage and program a wide range of popular Linux single-board computers like the AAEON UP² board, Raspberry Pi and BeagleBone as if they were regular Arduino boards.

6th November 2017
Arduino upgrades its Create Cloud platform for IoT devices

Open source computer hardware and software company, Arduino has announced the release of a set of new features for its Create Cloud platform ( aimed at expanding the number of Arduino supported platforms for the development of IoT applications. With this release, Arduino Create Cloud users can now program Linux boards as if they were regular Arduino boards.

25th September 2017
Arduino unveils new boards delivering connectivity in IoT

  Arduino has announced the new Arduino MKR WAN 1300 (LoRa) and the Arduino MKR GSM 1400, two new boards that are designed to offer a practical and cost effective solution for developers, makers and enterprises, enabling them to quickly add connectivity to their projects and ease the development of battery-powered IoT edge applications.

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