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Happy World Earth Day!

22nd April 2020
Lanna Cooper

Today marks 50 years since World Earth Day started back in 1970 and while many people are conscious of trying to reduce their use of plastic, it is also worth mentioning that people often neglect to think about the electronics that they consume.

Discarded laptops, mobile phones and electronic goods are now the world’s fastest growing waste problem. As technology has progressed, the more disposable electronic devices have become, the more we are throwing away, and the quicker devices are becoming obsolete. For example, when the first mobile phones came out, you kept them for years - now people just throw them away everytime a new phone comes out.

Electronics provider, Moshi, have a philosophy of ‘fewer, better’ to encourage customers to choose quality items that last longer rather than the cheap/fast products that need to be replaced. Moshi now offer a 10-year Global Warranty to ensure that tech really will last and encourage responsible purchasing of these products that will be better for our planet. Here we look at some tech products you should consider when trying to be more environmentally friendly.

Moshi Otto Q Wireless Charging Pad

Complement your desktop while enjoying fast and convenient wireless charging with Otto Q. Thanks to Moshi’s proprietary Q-coil module, Otto Q can charge through cases up to 5mm thick while also supporting both Apple (7.5 W) and Samsung (9 W) fast charging standards.

A non-slip surface ring keeps your phone in place and Otto Q features efficient circuitry to protect against overheating. Available from Moshi for £44.95.

Moshi Avanti C USB Type-C Headphones

Designed with ergonomics in mind, Moshi’s Avanti C on-ear headphones allow users to enjoy their favourite tracks for hours without fatigue direct from your USB-C device. Its curved headband is engineered to position the soft, adjustable earcups to form a noise -isolating seal while exerting minimal pressure on ears.

High efficiency 40mm drivers deliver a full-bodied sounds that rivals the audio quality of much larger headsets. Made from stainless steel and soft leatherette, these headphones have a minimalist design. Suitable sound and incredibly comfortable, Avanti C is the quintessential companion for any audio connoisseur. Available from Moshi in Black, Red or Caramel Beige for £219.95/$239.95.

Moshi USB-C to HDMI Cable 6.6ft (2m)

Moshi's USB-C to HDMI Cable is a next-generation 4K solution that enables the output of ultra-high-definition video and digital audio to your Ultra HD TV or monitor. Advanced converter chips deliver a 60Hz refresh rate so you can enjoy clear, blur-free video with multi-channel digital surround sound from the latest laptops or USB-C devices.

This cable also supports High Dynamic Range (HDR) providing a higher level of contrast and bringing more realism and depth to your screen for a better movie-watching experience. Both ends of the cable are encased in anodised aluminum to minimise electromagnetic interference for good picture quality. With its reversible USB-C connector and Plug-n-Play capability, the adapter guarantees a hassle-free setup for use at home or the office. Available from Moshi for £54.95.

Moshi SnapTo Magnetic Wall Mount with Wireless Charging for iPhone 8 upwards

Moshi’s SnapTo magnetic wall mount provides hands-free convenience. Suitable for live streamers and TikTok influencers and for online classes giving a stable support for a device while filming. Can also keep your screen in view while you’re streaming your favorite TV show, video calling with a friend, or learning a new recipe in the kitchen.

The mount rotates in both portrait and landscape mode, and securely attaches to any clean flat surface using extra-strength 3M adhesive strips rated to 2.2lbs (1.0kg). The mount includes two SnapTo metal tabs which are compatible with wireless charging, and designed to work with these Moshi cases: iGlaze, Vesta, and Altra. Available from Moshi for £19.95.

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