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UK Event explores latest software debugging technologies

13th February 2015
Mick Elliott

Software debugging, testing and certification will all be on the agenda for presentations and workshops at this year’s UK Device Developers Conference. Experts from leading debug tool companies, including Lauterbach, JTAG, Telexsus, Phaedrus, Esterel and LRDA, will be on parade to discuss their latest technology and current industry challenges.

The UK Device Developers' Conference is an annual event for engineers and computer scientists working in the development of intelligent systems and devices. This year's Conference will take place in Reading, Cambridge, Manchester and Uphall in Scotland, on May 12 and May 14 and June 2 and June 4.

"Software reliability is a very big issue for embedded system developers," said Richard Blackburn, Conference Manager. "As systems are becoming ever more complex, running faster and requiring far more lines of code, predicting software behaviour is now a major challenge. There will be a huge amount of knowledge and experience in this field at this year's Conference, and a selection of modern debug technology will available for demonstration."

Topics at this year's Conference will range from 'Debugging Linux Drivers' to 'Structural Coverage Analysis' and from 'An Introduction to JTAG' to 'Catching Software Errors Prior to Certification'. An industry expert with real world experience will present each presentation and half-day workshop. Many of the presenters work with some of the world's leading technology companies on a daily basis.    

"Software failure can be very costly and damaging, " said Richard Blackburn. "Whether it's a major product recall, damage to the brand due to poor performance in the field or maybe a catastrophic failure that causes damage or loss of life. In this respect, having the right debug tools and the right knowledge will not only accelerate product development, but will also considerably reduce the risks associated with the project. The presentations and workshops at the conference will offer many important insights and several critical new approaches to software debugging."

Consisting of half-day technical workshops, expert technical presentations and a vendor exhibition of tools, technologies and services, the Conference provides a valuable opportunity for delegates to discuss current challenges and explore new approaches. 

The Conference is free to attend for engineers and developers, but with a small charge for places on half-day workshops. Industry sponsors fund the entire Conference, including refreshments. This year's sponsors include German debug tool company Lauterbach, UK computer board manufacturer Blue Chip Technology and display technology specialists Intelligent Display Solutions.

"We now have a good deal of industry support for this event," said Richard Blackburn. "Vendors are keen to share their new developments and new insights, and this is the ideal forum. Furthermore, the Conference is growing year on year. At the 2014 Conference delegate attendance increased by 20%, so we are optimistic that we can maintain the growth of this event and further establish the Conference as a key European industry event."



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