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13th March 2024
Sheryl Miles

Mechnano will be spotlighting its innovative Electrostatic Dissipative (ESD) AM materials in Booth 2723, at the upcoming 2024 IPC APEX EXPO.

The event is scheduled to take place 9–11 April 2024 at the Anaheim Convention Centre in California.

Mechnano will be spotlighting its innovative Electrostatic Dissipative (ESD) AM materials in Booth 2723, at the upcoming 2024 IPC APEX EXPO.

Formula1B: Mechnano's Formula1B is a static-dissipative photopolymer resin specifically designed to offer a nano-uniform surface resistance and effectively eliminate carbon sloughing. This advanced material is specifically engineered to manufacture high-resolution components with exceptional surface finish. The capabilities of Mechnano's Formula1B material will be demonstrated through its wide range of applications, including the production of conformal coating caps and electronic component carriers. By pushing the boundaries of static dissipative part fabrication, Formula1B has emerged as a game-changer offering both rapid production and cost-effectiveness.

Formula1µ: Formula1µ addresses the growing need for ESD-safe micro-components in various industries. This rigid ESD resin is compatible with BMF machines, which offer an excellent choice for manufacturing intricate ESD-safe parts. The marriage of the BMF hardware and Formula1µ serves as a quick and cost-effective alternative to the conventional, labour-intensive, and expensive micromachining.

PK-ESD: Mechnano's PK-ESD powder redefines expectations for ESD materials in 3D printing. It’s combination of chemical and mechanical properties enables the production of eco-friendly parts with high-impact strength, chemical and abrasion resistance, as well as improved elongation over general-purpose nylons. This unique AM ESD offering can withstand rigorous conditions, making it ideal for even the harshest environments without compromising performance.

Mechnano’s technology, known as D'Func, is centred around the integration of discrete, dispersed, and functionalised carbon nanotubes into AM materials. By harnessing the power of D'Func, Mechnano pushes the boundaries of material properties, surpassing previous limitations. D’Func can be tailored to achieve a wide range of material property improvements, enhancing the performance of AM materials for diverse applications.

“We look forward to discussing our latest innovations in ESD AM materials at the IPC APEX EXPO,” said Olga “Dr. O” Ivanova, PhD, Director of Applications and Technology at Mechnano. “Formula1B, Formula1µ and PK-ESD all provide fast, affordable, and high-performance solutions for static dissipative part fabrication.”

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