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Test solutions fly in to Paris Air Show

5th June 2017
Mick Elliott

An extensive range of maintenance and test solutions will be demonstrated by Marvin Test Solutions at the 2017 International Paris Air Show (June 19-25). Featured products at this year’s event include the Hellfire Scalable-Rail Launcher (HSRL) which provides single- and multi-rail launch capability for AGM-114 missiles without the need for external electronics or AC power.

Also showcased will be theMTS-3060 SmartCan, a universal O-Level armament test set capable of testing both legacy and "smart" (MIL-STD-1760-based) weapons systems. The SmartCan supports multiple aircraft and armament systems in a single hand-held, battery-operated unit, allowing maintainers to benefit from a common test set for multiple platforms and armament systems.

The MTS-916 Modular Target Simulator is designed to replace legacy simulators while providing significantly upgraded capabilities, the MTS-916 provides comprehensive I-level and depot-level test capabilities for laser, TV, IR and CCD seekers.

On parade too is the MTS-209 Common Armament Test Se, a rugged, portable, I-level armament systems test set for the F-16, F-15, F/A-18, TA-50, FA-50 and other aircraft and the AN/TSM-205 Series Hellfire System Test Set.

These are portable test sets for the Hellfire missile system and Hellfire launchers, combining the capabilities of an I-Level test set in a compact, rugged, field-qualified enclosure.

A family of eye-safe Laser target simulators for field and backshop testing of laser-guided munitions including Hellfire, Laser JDAM, Laser Maverick, Paveway, Griffin, and more will be demonstrated in Paris alongside the MTS-235 F-35 Armament Test Set.

Deployed and proven since 2008, the MTS-235 is a portable Depot-Level test set for various armament systems employed on the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter including launchers, pylons, and racks; suitable for I-level maintenance and test post-SDD phase in rugged, compact enclosure.

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