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Spectrum analyser puts lab in engineers' hands

11th February 2019
Mick Elliott

With the SignalShark, the engineers at RF measurement technology specialist Narda have succeeded in developing an extremely powerful real time handheld Spectrum Analyser. It will be showcased at the Mobile World Congress 2019 in Barcelona (February 25-28)

This device, with its handy format, is capable of dealing with today’s complex measurement and analysis tasks reliably and quickly, and to the same standard as laboratory instruments.

It can examine entire communications channels at once in real time without needing to jump to and fro between frequencies. It reliably captures field situations outdoors, without any gaps.

Back in the laboratory, the same versatile Spectrum Analyser is the first of its kind that can be conveniently and dependably used for further complex evaluations, with no need to set up and become familiar with additional equipment, or even to purchase such equipment in the first place.

Although the current standard for handheld devices with regard to real time bandwidth (RTBW) is around 10MHz, the SignalShark provides four times this, at 40 MHz.

The RTBW basically means that the receiver is capable within this defined bandwidth of capturing in real time even brief sporadic signals without any gaps, so that not even one event is missed.

This is guaranteed by a POI (probability of intercept) specification of 100% for signals having a duration of > 3.125 μs.

Time, cost and security concerns make it more important than ever in RF measurement technology to reproduce as high a real time bandwidth as possible.

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