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Solder recovery system reduces consumption by up to 50%

27th January 2015
Barney Scott

EVS International is to debut its EVS 500LF lead-free solder recovery system in Booth 3521 at the IPC APEX EXPO, scheduled to take place 24th to 26th February 2015, at the San Diego Convention Centre, California. Compared with the company's previous offering, the EVS 500LF is lead-free, more compact, lighter, simpler and features a smaller footprint.

EVS states that its latest offering is running at record recovery rates on its beta test production facilities, with experienced users of the current range being pleasantly surprised by the improvements in recovery rates.

The EVS 500LF has been designed to be the same size as a printer and is aimed at multiple markets. The units target customers with one lead wave and one lead-free wave, customers who use Nitrogen or want to reduce Nitrogen usage, customers with selective solder pots who only remove small amounts of dross every hour or customers with multiple waves where one EVS 500LF is connected to each wave to ensure that the maximum recovery is maintained throughout the life of the wave solder system. Users can quickly recover up to 80% of pure solder with a higher ROI from the waste dross.

The simple but ruggedly designed unit is ISO14001-compatible, living by the ISO mantra of reduce – reuse – recycle, enabling users to reduce solder consumption by up to 50%. The EVS 500 also can help to reduce dedrossing time by 75% and waste dross off-site by up to 85%. The system combines with environmental control systems and also helps to provide a carbon footprint reduction, an important environmental imperative, by utilising the latent heat already imputed to the dross to help the recovery process.

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