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Solder paste to showcase Pb-free wetting properties at SMTAI

27th August 2014
Staff Reporter

Visitors to Booth #115 at SMTA International 2014 will be able to see Cobar's OT2 and WW50 solder paste, along with their latest solder wire and flux technologies. Incorporating optimised rosin based chemistry, the OT2 is a halide and halogen free solder paste delivering excellent printing and wetting properties in Pb-free. 

The solder paste is designed to achieve printing speeds up to 250mm/s for the most demanding throughputs. The combination of solvents and activators used in this paste returns a large process window for the reflow process. High yields can be achieved with fast conveyor speeds and short cycle times.

The Cobar WW50 water soluble solder paste will also be on display at the show. The paste is compatible with the following alloys: Sn62, Sn63, SAC305 and SN100C, all with Type 3 powder. The rosinous halide-free nature of WW50 is unique, with paste rheology, solder-ability and water wash-ability conferred by carefully selected surface chemistry and activators. The WW50 branded paste enables printing at speeds high enough to meet or exceed the throughput of any SMD line. The residues can also be easily removed with de-ionized water.

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