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Memory card enabled security at embedded world

24th January 2019
Alex Lynn


Manufacturer of industrial-grade flash memory solutions, Swissbit, will be highlighting its security solutions at embedded world, which will be taking place from 26th to 28th February 2019 in Nuremberg, Germany, in Hall 1 Booth # 1-534.

Swissbit will be presenting memory cards and USB sticks with firmware-embedded cryptographic features and integrated secure element that enable secure boot or authentication- and encryption-applications. Swissbit will also be showcasing its PU-50n DP, a durable USB stick with internal AES-256-bit encryption, access protection and optional ROM/WORM function.

For Industry 4.0 applications, Swissbit will be introducing the concept of a net-policy-server for control and management of flash memory as an authentication token and boot device. This allows two-factor authentication to be linked to one IP-address so that a boot loader will only function within a defined network. At embedded world, Swissbit plans to demonstrate this with a RaspBerry Pi: the administrator can differentiate between various policies that determine the approval of memory access according to set criteria.

The memory can only be accessed by the right person on the right device, within the right network. Only after successful authentication, the secure boot code is enabled by the storage medium. In case of loss, Swissbit Cloud Service can easily lock the encrypted PU-50n DP. To avoid the risk of insecure passwords, the SmartCard within the PU-50n PE acts as a high-security authentication token. Recent cases of data leaks in Germany have once again proven that passwords are not secure.

As an example of a 3D NAND-based memory product designed for industrial temperature ranges, Swissbit will be presenting its NVMe PCIe M.2 module N 10m2 at the show. It is suitable for use in fanless systems due to being optimised for low power consumption.

Swissbit will also be reviving a seemingly ‘outdated’ flash memory format with its CompactFlash product lines C-500, C-56 and C-50. As a format that is pretty much obsolete in information and communication technology, it is still very much in high demand for many industrial applications.

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