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Mek to exhibit 'bottom up' AOI system at IPC APEX

6th February 2015
Siobhan O'Gorman


At this year’s IPC APEX, Mek will showcase its latest AOI and SPI systems, including the SpectorBOX ‘bottom-up’ modular AOI system specially engineered for wave and selective solder THT and SMT manufacturing.

At booth 1507, Mek will demonstrate the SpectorBOX, which is designed to accommodate solder frames on return and/or feed conveyors. The system offers bottom side, top side or simultaneous dual side inspection, replacing traditional board flipping alternatives in less space and at a lower cost. With its mechanical platform, the SpectorBOX is the only modular AOI in the market that can be equipped with up to 18 cameras, including an optional Z-axis moveable head to precisely position and focus for varying PCB distance and warpage. Featuring general purpose I/O, the system can be interfaced with new or existing conveyor systems. 

Also on display will be PowerSpector AOI, which features an FDAz inspection head. The FDAz inspection head enables nine camera AOI, featuring tilt- shift and telecentric optics with automatic Z-axis. Eight side cameras in 10µ resolution with Tilt-Shift optics technology, familiar in architectural photography, reduce image distortion to enable the best capture possible. A moveable head in Z-axis brings objects into optimal focus and position, independent of PCB thickness or warping. Together, the HD 18.75µ or 10µ resolution top camera and the multiplexed 8x CameraLink side camera technology provide unprecedented defect visibility.

The Mek 5D PowerSpector automatic SPI system employs patented advanced sensor technology with simultaneous 3D and 2D inspection to inspect solder paste depositions on PCBs post screen print for insufficient solder, excessive solder, shape deformity, shift of deposition and bridging. SPI process tolerances are lowered to unmatched levels and SPI capabilities extended beyond any offered by 3D alone. True area, shape, volume, offset and height measurements are offered in combination, providing genuine process control and a tool with which to adjust printer settings before a problem spreads throughout an entire production run.

Mek’s total process control system, the Catch System, will also feature at IPC APEX. This software suite provides a closed loop process monitoring and quality control system uniquely optimised for each user’s workflow and internal organisation.

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