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Inovaxe showcase its intelligent lean total material handling

16th September 2015
Jordan Mulcare

Inovaxe will exhibit in Booth 713 at SMTA International, scheduled to take place from 29th to 30th September, 2015 at the Donald Stephens Convention Centre in Rosemont, IL, USA. The company will highlight its Intelligent ultra-lean total material handling and storage solution that addresses the challenges of dealing with SMT parts and kits within the stockroom and WIP locations.

Inovaxe will showcase its SMART InoAuto storage systems. The InoAuto Two Bay stores 1,120 7" SMT reels while the InoAuto Single Bay stores 560 7" SMT reels. Both systems are equipped with sensors and LED indicator lights, along with the InoAuto Locator software and respond as if the reels have RFID on them. The operator will simply barcode scan the part number and quantity on a reel and place it into an empty single package single location slot. The InoAuto will report the position of the part to its database automatically.

The user can quickly enter a part number or a pick list into the InoAuto computer and a LED will light up indicating each part location within the cart. The user can either have all of the locations required light up at one time, or just one location at a time to prioritise the pick list pull for a very quick reel pull to direct feeder location. As the user picks the parts, the InoAuto will identify the part number for the part that was removed on the screen. As a result, kitting function is reduced from hours to seconds. Additionally, the InoAuto SMART Cart eliminates the need to scan locations.

The cart is mobile, ESD compliant, 5½ft tall, and has a small 5½ft2 print, which is a fraction of the size of robotic towers with five times the throughput. According to the manufacturer, the InoAuto SMART Cart can pay for itself within three to six months. Inovaxe’s patented InoCart MSD is a true solution for managing moisture sensitive devices through its innovative individual cell design that stores multiple reel sizes and waffle trays. Included with each InoCart MSD is the revolutionary MSD tracking and timing software solution.

The industry favorite InoKit Carriers will be displayed in combination with the InoView software. InoKit carriers are an ultra-lean solution for the storage and kitting of prototype parts for engineers and SMT manufacturers. InoKit carriers are organised, efficient, state-of-the-art, single package-single location material storage carriers that house small, medium and large SMT reels or any type of mechanical parts and PCBs. Additionally, Inovaxe’s InoView software is an excellent tool for managing parts and kits within the stockroom and WIP. Part locations and kit requirements can quickly be identified with accuracy and traceability. The InoKit carriers also can be upgraded to SMART carriers.

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