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Eurotyre 2018: mobility trends change the tyre industry

26th June 2018
Lanna Deamer


Will smart, spherical tyres go into production soon? Wear, weight and running noise could be reduced thanks to sensory spherical tyres. These and other questions are the subject of the international VDI conference 'Eurotyre 2018', in Brussels from 25th-26th September 2018.

Autonomous driving and e-mobility are putting more demands on the tyre industry. The developers are focusing on the properties of tyres such as roll resistance, weight, running noise, robustness and wear.

The development work is characterised again and again by conflicting goals, because the desired characteristics cannot be combined easily. The development of 'intelligent tyres' for autonomous vehicles in the form of complex sensor technology is also increasingly affecting the tyre industry.

Electric cars are usually heavier than vehicles with internal combustion engines. This fact must be considered in the tread design of the tyres, because the heavier the vehicle, the faster the tyres will wear off. Stronger braking and acceleration forces of the electric cars further promote rapid wear.

A more powerful profile, however, is accompanied by a higher noise level when driving. Due to the almost silent electric motors they appear even louder. The increased rolling resistance also has an impact on the range of the battery. A light tyre, therefore, brings great mileage but has a negative impact on the grip.

Remedy could be found with a higher tyre pressure and a changed tyre size, according to developers, as this would reduce rolling resistance. Tyre and automobile manufacturers will address these and other challenges in their lectures at the VDI Congress 'Eurotyre 2018'.

Topics of the 'Eurotyre 2018' Conference:

  • EU Legislation scenarios and its effects upon the tyre industry
  • Future Mobility Trends: eectro mobility, autonomous diving, fleets and car sharing and their impact on tyres
  • Sensors and connectivity for passenger and commercial vehicles
  • Emissions and safety
  • Circular economy and the environment

A completely new field of development results from the field of autonomous driving. Vehicles with semi-autonomous or fully autonomous systems significantly influence the requirements of the tyres. We are talking about 'intelligent tyres' that use sensors to collect, analyse and transmit data to the vehicle and the outside world.

Lectures by companies in the tyre and automotive industries, including Goodyear, Michelin, Pirelli, Bridgestone, Audi and others show how the effects of mobile trends can be mastered at the 'Eurotyre 2018'. In addition, there will be not only lectures, but also interactive elements such as podium discussions, a poster session and a start-up session where conference participants can join in the discussion.

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