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Ersa to demo rework, inspection & soldering tools

21st September 2015
Jordan Mulcare


Kurtz Ersa North America will exhibit at the upcoming SMTA Guadalajara Expo & Tech Forum, scheduled to take place from 14th to 15th October at the Hotel Riu in Guadalajara, Mexico. Company representatives will display the R/PL 550, Mobile Scope, ERSASCOPE 2 and i-CON VARIO 4.

The IR/PL 550 is one of the best-selling rework systems in the world and offers the best cost/performance ratio. This system is designed for small to medium size PCBs and has proven itself to be the 'Workhorse' in Ersa’s rework product line. The IR/PL 550 offers the greatest flexibility for operators to best interact with their system in order to handle the most complex SMT and thru-hole rework applications.

The ERSA Mobile Scope has been designed for optical inspection and digital image recording including measurements of solder joints on Ball Grid Array (BGA), μBGA, CSP and Flip-Chip packages. Further applications are top-view inspection of PCB lands, solder paste prints or the optical inspection of components on PCB in surface mount or in thru-hole technology. The device can be used in quality control, production, laboratories or R&D departments.

The ERSASCOPE 2 uses megapixel, digital USB 2.0 camera technology offering up to 400% higher resolution than previous models. Enhanced images allow for increased clarity when zooming to higher magnifications, especially when using the revolutionary flip chip optical lens. A LED light source offers a more energy efficient and brighter white light. Gooseneck lighting with two standard fiber optic light brushes help to illuminate components.

The i-CON VARIO 4 offers whisper-quiet air and vacuum generation for up to four simultaneously operating soldering and de-soldering tools. The station ensures highly efficient processing of all SMT and thru-hole soldering tasks. In addition to the 200W i-Tool AIR S, it offers the i-Tool Universal Soldering Device, the thru-hole De-soldering X-tool Iron and the Ultra-Fine De-soldering Chip Tool VARIO (2x40W).

The i-CON 1 is a professional industrial soldering station that uses the 150W i-Tool. Its outstanding measure and control technology ensures quick heating and heat recovery times as well as the constant temperature of the soldering tip. Excellent soldering results can be achieved at very low tip temperatures.

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