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DFI announces high-performance SBC at embedded world 2023

15th March 2023
Kiera Sowery

DFI has announced that they will be participating in Embedded World 2023 and joining Qualcomm Technologies to showcase a SBC equipped with the high-performance Qualcomm QRB5165 processor.

With high integration capability and anti-vibration features, the product can be applied in fields such as industrial automation and AMR. It is expected to increase the overall AI edge computing efficiency and bring more capabilities to the industry.

For the first time during the three-day Embedded World 2023 exhibition, DFI will integrate the QRB551 industrial-grade motherboard built with the Qualcomm Robotics RB5 platform with 5G connectivity and AMR requirements. The solution will be applied to a smart factory environment while executing appearance recognition, defect detection, and human body posture recognition, which are commonly seen in industrial automation.

“We are happy to work with Qualcomm Technologies and benefit from their robotics series platform with low power consumption and high performance,” expressed DFI President Alexander Su.

“The QRB551 3.5-inch SBC is expected to deliver greatly enhanced AI computing capabilities, as well as high flexibility and expansion capabilities required by AMR to provide different platform choices for industrial applications."

Dev Singh, Vice President of Business Development and Head of Building, Enterprise & Industrial Automation at Qualcomm Technologies said: “Qualcomm Technologies continues to support innovative robotics with 5G networks and top-level edge AI. The Qualcomm’s QRB5165 processor is designed to support the development of new-generation robotics and drone applications with high-performance computing, low power consumption, and AI functions. We look forward to seeing DFI’s QRB551 industrial grade motherboard continue to optimise and improve factory production and management, as well as accelerate AI edge computing in various fields.”

With the wave of new infrastructure construction brought about by global industrial automation and digital transformation, DFI will collaborate with its partners to continue developing and integrating miniature edge computing products. Together they will provide advanced embedded solutions for various fields and applications, becoming the best partners for enterprise OT intelligence and laying the foundation for the future.

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