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Cables for military and civil aircraft showcased at EWPT 2017

4th May 2017
Lanna Cooper


Gore has announced that Schleuniger, an international manufacturer of wire processing equipment, will showcase Gore’s high data rate cables for military and civil aircraft applications at the 2017 Electrical Wire Processing Technology Expo in Milwaukee, 10th to 11th May, Booth 1732.

Schleuniger wanted to demonstrate the aerospace industry’s latest high data rate cables in their equipment at the expo. Specifically, they chose GORE Aerospace Ethernet Cables for Cat6a protocol that deliver excellent electrical and mechanical performance in a small, light weight, flexible and routable package. They also chose GORE Shielded Twisted Pair Cables that are highly flexible and easy to route in confined spaces of any aircraft because they are significantly smaller and lighter compared to standard cables.

Gore’s high data rate cables meet the latest protocols and system requirements such as Ethernet, fibre optics, USB, and HDMI. Cable designs that are smaller, lighter and more flexible with longer transmission lengths significantly improve system performance in any aircraft.

Click here to find out more about Gore’s portfolio of high data rate cables that are engineered to perform reliably now and over time. Click here for more information on Schleuiniger’s participation in the 2017 Electrical Wire Processing Technology Expo.

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