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AI conference in London launched

17th September 2018
Alex Lynn

This October, O’Reilly Media, the source for insight-driven technology and business knowledge, and Intel AI, will launch the Artificial Intelligence Conference in London. The four-day event (8th to 11th October) will bring the growing AI community together to explore the most essential issues and innovations in applied AI. 

The event promises to provide attendees with the opportunity to engage in a number of tutorials, training workshops and thought-provoking keynote sessions from industry leaders, while simultaneously discovering how the world’s most innovative organisations are using AI and machine learning.

Already a success in New York, Beijing, and San Francisco, the conference will offer an unsurpassed experience of depth and breadth in technical content, with a laser-sharp focus on the most important AI developments for businesses.

Key topics relevant to the UK will be addressed, including: GDPR, data privacy, and ethics. The conference is designed for people of all levels of AI expertise, from experts to beginners, and will address the patterns we are starting to see arise when it comes to deep learning and machine learning across a number of different countries.

Notable speakers at the event will include:

  • Ben Lorica, Chief Data Scientist, O’Reilly Media.
  • Christine Foster, Managing Director, Innovation, The Alan Turing Institute.
  • Vitaly Kuznetsov, Research Scientist, Google.
  • Amy Heineike, VP Product Engineering, Primer AI.
  • Jonathon Ballon, VP Internet of Things Group, Intel.
  • Florian Wilhelm, Principal Data Scientist, Inovex.
  • Zelda Mariet, PhD Student, MIT.

O’Reilly Chief Data Scientist and AI Conference Chair Ben Lorica stated: “The tools for building AI applications are becoming more and more accessible. However, businesses' current understanding of AI needs to improve. While we’re seeing a steady uptake in AI adoption, it’s important to understand what the technology can do to actually reap the business benefits.

“To decide whether or not to adopt AI, we need to ask ourselves three basic questions; is the task you want to automate data driven? Do you have the data to support the automation of the task and do you really need the scale that automation provides? The AI Conference will address these issues and offer technical workshops to help train attendees in AI”.

For the opportunity to rub shoulders, speak and listen to innovative industry leaders, and two days of in-depth education on critical AI topics, conference registration is open.

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