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Brand new websites for Electrolube in Australasia

5th January 2022
Beatrice O'Flaherty

MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions, a global supplier of integrated solutions from our Circuitry, Assembly and Semiconductor divisions that provides unmatched capabilities in electronics design and manufacturing, has announced the launch of brand new Electrolube websites for Electrolube Australia and New Zealand.

Months of work have been dedicated to researching how and why people visit the website and the content has been redesigned to assist visitors with more application-based searches.

As reliability and performance are key factors for manufacturers looking to transform their end-products, Electrolube has focused on the numerous and varied application requirements of different industries to improve search results for customers. The content is now highly focused so customers can find appropriate solutions for their applications in seconds. A new product selection tool improves browsing experience and reduces search time by narrowing down the most relevant product options and offering a wider range of samples of encapsulation resins, thermal management products and conformal coating solutions. The interface has also been restructured to make each website’s navigation quick and easy as well as improve user experience to get quicker access to products, information and services.

Mike Woods, Electrolube Australia’s General Manager, commented: “With the wide range of applications we are involved in,  the new websites not only help visitors find solutions faster but also demonstrate our strong capability as a specialist electro-chemicals manufacturer. We are strongly positioned as a trusted resource at every stage of design and production.” 

MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions enables electronics interconnection through the innovative specialty chemicals and materials from our Alpha, Compugraphics, Electrolube, Kester, and MacDermid Enthone brands. We serve all global regions and all steps of device manufacturing within every segment of the electronics supply chain. The experts in our Semiconductor Solutions, Circuitry Solutions, and Assembly Solutions divisions collaborate with OEMs and fabricators in the implementation of new technologies that redefine what is possible in device design. Our world class technical service is constantly at hand to ensure optimized outcomes in yield and productivity. Our solutions can increase throughput, reduce carbon footprints, lower total cost of ownership, and enable electronics innovation.

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