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30th May 2018
Lanna Cooper


The attraction of automatica, which will be held from 19th-22nd June, 2018, will be offering automation components, systems and solutions. The supporting programme comprising forums, conferences, special shows and practical demonstrations sheds light on all facets of automation.

Among the top themes are: digital transformation in manufacturing, human-robot collaboration, Work 4.0, service robotics, cloud and big data applications, predictive maintenance and investments in robotics and automation.

IT2Industry: Exhibition and lecture programme
IT2Industry is automatica’s integrated topic area, addressing the interface between automation and IT. More than 50 exhibitors both from the classical IT fields and specialist providers from the industry are showcasing themselves in a combination of lecture programme and exhibition.

The focus, inter alia, is on ERP and MES software solutions for optimising production and logistics processes, modular software solutions for predictive maintenance, cloud and big data applications for manufacturing industry, and fall back options for the smooth operation of networked industrial facilities.

In addition, the IT2Industry Forum offers exhibitor lectures, keynotes and stimulating discussion sessions on discussion sessions covering every aspect of Industry 4.0, IoT and Artificial Intelligence. Venue: Hall B4, stand 216

A particular exhibition highlight in the IT2Industry arena is the show put on by the OPC Foundation. Together with its partners, the provider of the widespread OPC Unified Architecture standard (OPC UA) is demonstrating the latest solutions for manufacturer-agnostic communication in automation technology. The 22nd of June at automatica 2018 will mark the second OPC Day Europe conference.

Smart Maintenance Pavilion
The networking of plant, products and processes is growing inexorably, and maintenance requirements with it. Because one thing is certain: The optimal availability of automated production systems depends on smart maintenance. Which is why the Smart Maintenance Pavilion is not just an important platform for dialog between maintenance experts. A compact amalgam of information, practical examples and personal reports will provide a valuable input to decision-making. Hall B4, stand 222

Professional service robotics
It will soon be impossible to conceive of our everyday life without service robots. automatica supports this trend in the professional service robotics exhibition area. On view are market-ready products such as components, systems and technologies.

Robots are to be seen live in action in the Service Robotics Show in the adjoining Demo park. Mobile robots are joined by conventional, static industrial solutions as examples of functioning human-robot interaction. Hall B4, stand 421

automatica forum
The automatica forum’s specialist lectures shed light on current topics spanning every facet of digitalisation, Artificial Intelligence, human-robot collaboration and Work 4.0. The experts’ expositions are application-oriented and provide interesting insights into the production processes of well-known industrial companies. Every day from 19th-22nd June, 2018. Venue: Hall A5, stand 135

Special show: Humans in the Smart Factory
The central role played by humans in the digital factory is illustrated by the VDMA Robotics + Automation Association special show. This is where visitors can experience the future of human-machine interaction, how they communicate with one another and how ergonomic and versatile the workplace of the future will be. Venue: Hall B4, stand 338

Industry 4.0 Demonstrators
Two showcases transform the catchword Industry 4.0 into experiential reality. What the VDMA (German Engineering Federation) Robotics + Automation Association is presenting with the OPC UA Demonstrator is a future-proof approach to standardized, manufacturer-agnostic information exchange. The objective is to make the potential of OPC UA both tangible and comprehensible. Two use cases are presented at the OPC UA demonstration area.

Use Case - Control: The demonstration involves a machine assembling fidget spinners - an everyday object comprising several individual components - live in situ. More than 20 component manufacturers, system integrators and software specialists are involved in this use case, combining not just a rotary indexing table, shafts and grippers but imaging processing systems and robots as well.

Use Case - Condition monitoring: Several robot manufacturers demonstrate how condition monitoring can be achieved on a cloud basis irrespective of the type of manufacturing and robot. The visitor gets to see the relevant condition data on a dashboard in real time. Venue: Hall B4, stand 332

The 'smart4i Next Generation Demonstrator' initiated and promoted by the VDMA’s Food Processing and Packaging Machinery Association (VDMA NuV) also affords the opportunity to find out more about tomorrow’s manufacturing in an interactive way.

There is also the opportunity to custom configure a small model car by means of a cloud landing page. Both the car body and add-ons can be configured. The customised vehicle is then manufactured live at the exhibition by integrating both real and virtual production stations. Venue: Hall B4, stand 218

Special show 'Platforms and ecosystems'
Digitalisation creates completely new business models. These are based on platforms and ecosystems, i.e. innovation partnerships between companies jointly promoting new developments in order to consolidate and develop their competitive advantage.

automatica employs a special show featuring lectures and a presentation area to highlight possible scenarios. Models and prototypes are used to explain how the technical and business potential of the IoT can be achieved for real in companies. Venue: Hall B4, stand 300

Start-up Arena
Innovative thinking does business: The automatica start-up arena by Mobile World Capital Barcelona (MWCB) is where approximately 30 newcomers from the robotics and automation field encounter expertise in implementing innovative concepts, investors find exciting participation opportunities and industry representatives meet promising candidates for technical partnerships.

The objective: to develop ideas to the point of readiness for market and to break new ground on the automation and Industry 4.0 fronts. Elevator pitches daily from 11:00-12:00 from 19th-21st June will reveal who has the greatest potential. The winner from among the top five start-ups will be identified live in situ at 15:00 on 21st June. Venue: Hall B4, stand 328

Insights for the financial world: the investors’ day
Robotics and automation are among the big growth sectors with attractive investment opportunities. The EUnited Robotics investors’ day 'Finance Meets Robotics and Automation' is aimed at financial analysts, equity participation companies, asset managers, banks, investors, business start-ups and individual investors who would like to get more deeply involved in the market and gain in-depth knowledge of markets, technologies and innovations. Date: 20th June, 2018; Venue: Hall B4, stand 328. Pre-registration required.

automatica Makeathon
From idea to implementation in 30 hours: The automatica Makeathon - in collaboration with ITQ and Conrad Electronic - is aimed at young professionals and students from the software engineering, mechatronics and mechanics disciplines.

Around 120 participants working in collaborative teams develop software and hardware prototypes in the robotics, Internet of Things and automation fields. Date: 21st-22nd June, 2018; Venue: Hall B4, stand 232

Recrutainment Game: Escape Truck
The escape game 'The Traveller' is about team spirit, skill and creativity. The aim of automatica’s recrutainment format, offered in collaboration with young targets, is to appeal to young talent in a creative and dynamic way, introduce them to what jobs in the robotics and automation field require, and to inspire young people from the IT sector to apply.

Preregistration for the games sessions is possible online or in situ. Further information and registration here. Date: daily; Venue: Hall B4, stand 226

International Symposium on Robotics (ISR)
The programme of the 50th holding of the 'International Symposium on Robotics' under the auspices of the IFR (International Federation of Robotics) boasts more than 100 presentations on the very latest robotics technologies and topics. The symposium, which is subject to a charge, will be held on 20th-21st June, 2018 in the East Entrance press centre.

Awards ceremonies at automatica 2018
As a platform for innovations and trends automatica is the ideal setting for international industry awards ceremonies. This year there are four technology prizes awaiting formal presentation: Joseph F. Engelberger Award and IERA Award (both during the ISR gala dinner), FANUC Award (20th June, 2018, Hall B6, stand 330) and the MM Machinery Market Award (19th June, 2018, automatica forum Hall A5, stand 135).

For the first time, automatica will be hosting the AUTOMOTIVE PRODUCTION Congress in collaboration with the trade journal AUTOMOBIL PRODUKTION. The congress is aimed at production, supply chain, logistics and IT managers. In their lectures industry insiders shed light on the impact of digitalisation and Artificial Intelligence on vehicle production.

Day one of the congress (18th June, 2018) is about 'Benefits and potential of future production', day two of the Congress (June 19, 2018) is about 'Agile and adaptive production'. The Congress commences one day before the exhibition begins and is subject to a charge.

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