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25th October 2012
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Welcome to TDK at electronica 2012 in Munich! we will be showing our innovative and comprehensive range of EPCOS and TDK products for the entire spectrum of electronics applications.
-November 13 to 16, 2012
-Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
-from 9:00 to 18:00, Friday from 9:00 to 17:00
-Munich Trade Fair Centre
-Hall B5, Stand 506
-East Entrance, subway line U2 to Messestadt Ost (end station)

We will be presenting our electronic components, modules and systems according to both the underlying technologies as well as the markets we serve with a focus on AUTOMOTIVE, INDUSTRIAL, GREEN ENERGY and COMMUNICATIONS. The exhibition will be complemented by reference designs as well as information and presentations on topics such as wireless power transmission and solutions for the next generation of mobile communications. “Find out for yourself about technological progress at TDK!”, says Joachim Thiele, Deputy General Manager of TDK Electronic Components Sales & Marketing Group as well as a Director and Chief Sales Officer of EPCOS. “We look forward to presenting our advanced solutions to visitors!”

Product highlights

The exhibits include a wide selection of standard and application-specific solutions and reference designs. Highlights include aluminum electrolytic capacitors with extended rated voltage ranges up to 600 V for industrial converters, innovative and space-saving capacitor technology CeraLink for DC link solutions in e-mobility, and improved MLCCs for automotive and industrial electronics. Also on display are extremely high-performance neodymium magnets for motors and generators as well as power capacitors for HVDC applications. Further attractions include miniaturized thin-film common-mode filters with higher limit frequencies, highly integrated modules for efficient power management of smartphones as well as antenna tuners for greatly improved transmit and receive quality.

Convince yourself about technological competence and innovative power of TDK!
Our product highlights include:

Duplexers with high linearity

The new EPCOS B7928 and B7654 duplexers for LTE offer considerably improved linearity. The combination of both duplexers in a mobile phone allows simultaneous voice and data transmission. Thanks to their high linearity, the sensitivity in the input paths is increased. Developers of mobile phones can thus greatly simplify the architecture of the RF input circuit by dispensing with additional linearization components.

Multilayer varistors for automotive electronics

An innovative glass passivation makes the E series of EPCOS SMD protective components, which are qualified to AEC-Q200 with extended stress tests, even more rugged and reliable than existing products. Their range operating voltages extends from 14 V DC to 40 V DC. In addition to greatly reduced leakage currents, these new components are characterized particularly by a higher temperature resistance up to +150 °C.

MEMS microphone with outstanding signal-to-noise ratio

The new EPCOS C914 MEMS microphone offers a particularly high signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) of 65 dB(A) in the frequency range from 20 Hz to 20 kHz. This makes it ideal for demanding audio applications in smartphones. The high SNR value improves the audio quality considerably when the signal source is remote from the microphone. This is the case, for instance, in video recordings or hands-free talking. Thanks to the innovative design of the C914, the distortion is no more than 1 percent even at a sound volume of 128 dB. In contrast to this, an improved SNR in conventional microphones generally leads to a great increase in nonlinear distortions at high acoustic pressures. In addition to its outstanding performance features, the microphone is very tiny with dimensions of only 3.35 x 2.5 mm² and an insertion height of 1 mm.

Compact capacitors for DC link circuit

With the innovative EPCOS CeraLink an extremely compact series of capacitors is now available that is based on a piezo-ceramic material. These components are ideally suited for use in DC link circuits and offer capacitance values of up to 100 µF at a rated voltage of 400 V DC. Thanks to their extremely low ESL values of no more than 4 nH, these capacitors are especially suited for converters with high switching frequencies.

Miniaturized arrester stack

The new EPCOS arrester stack consists of a stack of five separate gas-filled arresters and was developed specifically to protect the power supplies for telecommunications equipment. Its rated DC operating voltage is 48 V plus 20 percent according to IEC 61643-11. The special feature of this combined arrester is its reliable quenching of an applied DC voltage. The dimensions of the arrester stack with type designation LN8-A1400DC-5 are only 16.3 x 8.4 x 8.9 mm³. It thus requires significantly less space than five discrete arresters. The surge current capability of this protective component is 20 kA at an impulse wave of 8/20 µs, and 4 kA at an impulse wave of 10/350 µs.

Optimized MLCCs for safety-relevant applications

New TDK MLCCs have been optimized for safety applications in automotive electronics. The three series – CGA, CEU and CKG – offer improved performance to satisfy the very high demands of applications such as braking, steering and airbags. In addition, developers can use these MLCCs especially for automotive applications requiring even more rigorous performance: these include an increasing number of temperature cycles, extended lifetimes, high current capability, and high vibration stability.

The world’s smallest common-mode filter

TDK offers the world’s smallest common-mode filter: this extremely flat component measures only 0.45 x 0.30 x 0.23 mm³ and is thus some 75 percent smaller than the current 0806 filter (IEC). Besides its miniature dimensions, the new TCM0403S-350-2P thin-film common-mode filter offers excellent performance. With a high cutoff frequency of 7.0 GHz the filter suppresses common-mode noise without distorting high-speed differential signals. It is thus compatible with various high-speed interfaces such as MIPI, USB 2.0, and USB 3.0. The excellent common-mode attenuation at 2.4 GHz improves the wireless LAN reception sensitivity in smartphones.

0402-HF multilayer inductors with maximum inductance

The TDK MLG0402Q series of HF multilayer inductors has been extended by types with inductance values of up to 33 nH. This is the world’s highest for a tiny 0402 inductor (IEC). With these new components, the MLG0402Q series now includes a total of 55 types with inductance values ranging from 0.2 nH to 33 nH, rated currents from 120 mA to 350 mA, and typical DC resistance values from 0.03 Ω to 2.71 Ω.

You will find us at: TDK Stand 506 in Hall B5

The stand covers more than 500 m² and is divided up into an exhibition area and a communication and conference area:

In the exhibits area we are taking a dual approach to the presentation our products. The broadliner presentation area features the products by technology groups, documenting TDK’s position as a leading broadliner that offers a comprehensive portfolio of standard and customer-specific component solutions from a single source. The special interest areas, by contrast, put the spotlight on EPCOS and TDK product highlights for applications in AUTOMOTIVE, INDUSTRIAL, GREEN ENERGY and COMMUNICATIONS.

Our technical experts from Sales and Product Marketing will be glad to provide competent answers to your questions. We are looking forward to your visit!

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